Temple Jewellery Jhumkas – Why You Should Buy Them Now!

You know what makes your outfit to look flawless in the end?

It doesn’t matter how expensive your suit is, if the other things like hairstyle, or makeup don’t turn out well, the end look wouldn’t be impactful at all.

One little thing that makes a huge difference to your outfit is the choice of jewellery.

Since Keep Me Stylish is all about authentic Indian ethnic fashion, if you ask us, one piece of accessory that you should own this season for your traditional dresses, then we would pick the every gorgeous temple jewelleries! Especially, the bold temple jhumkas.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Now What Does Temple Jewellery Mean?

These are jewelleries initially used to adorn the god and goddess statues in the temple. This elite jewellery style has later created a huge accessory trend on its own. It has been in ethnic fashion for quite a very long time.

This type of jewellery usually have god/goddess image embossed on it and embellished with kemp stones and pearls.

Now let’s see the popular Temple Jhumkas styles trending right now.

Pearl Jhumka

A full bold pearl temple jhumka would go well with many ethnic outfits including sarees, salwars, lehengas and skirts.

Your off-white, beige and ivory hued sarees can be made to look so enchanting with an addition of a bold pearl jhumka like the one below.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Kemp Jhumka

This is probably the first design that would strike your mind when we keep repeating the work Temple Jhumka.

Yes you are right. These are the most admired temple jhumkas worn by Bhartanatyam dancers who dance in temples before the almighty.

That’s why it is no surprise that jhumka style is always associated with temple jewellery.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Matt Finish Jhumka

A bold matt finish antique temple jhumka would blend so well with your ethnic outfits that has plenty of deep work.

The matt effect would balance out with glittery thread work you have in the outfit.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Lakshmi Jhumka

Goddess Lakshmi image embossed Jhumka would be an apt choice to wear with your silk sarees. From bridal occasion to poojas, this jhumka style can be worn on the most auspicious events of your life.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Ruby Jhumka

Though many intricate works are being experimented on a Temple Jhumkas, a ruby studded fine jhumkas is always a regal one to flaunt.

The antique finish of this jhumka gets highly elevated with the presence of deep red rubies. So this is the most preferred jhumkas style by brides and bridesmaid.

Take a look on any wedding event you will realize how this model has been coveted by many women without age barriers.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Coin Jhumka

Do you love coin jewelleries? It is one of the most vintage style jewellery that has been fancied by South Indian women for a quite long time.

The coin necklace (also known as kasumalai) is one the most famous heirloom style jewellery down south. So there is no wonder that this coin jhumkas too is considered as a aesthetic earring like other coin jewellery pieces.

And if you like to own a classic temple jhumka, then this might get you interested.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Stone Jhumkas

Of course, this is for all those who love to wear sparkling stone studded accessories for their designer outfits.

You can as well own stone version of temple jhumka to spice up your sarees and other ethnic dresses.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

What Temple Jewellery Jhumkas Should I Buy?

Have you decided to give this gorgeous jhumka style a try?


Did you select the option you want to buy by checking out the list above?


Now time to see how to get those pieces to your jewellery box.

Gold Jhumka

Obviously, if cost is not an issue at all, then we would highly recommend you to get one bold gold jhumka to satiate your desire.

Gold is everlasting, which means a good design selected by you now will be passed on to your daughter and granddaughters. By looking at the long history of these jhumkas, it is totally worth to invest your money on gold!

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Silver Oxidized Jhumka

If you are not willing to shed so much bucks for a piece of earrings, but want to premium quality jhumka without compromising the royal look of these earrings, then get a pure silver jhumka.

You can even get it gold plated if you like to have the finish of gold jhumka. Naturally these jhumkas would still be expensive but wouldn’t blow out your wallet like an original gold earring.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

One Gram Gold Jhumka

This is much less expensive that the above two options. For the price tag of Rs. 1500 to Rs.2500, you can get extraordinary designs.

When maintained properly, these jhumkas do last for a very long time. Due to the cost factor, you don’t have to restrict yourself with a single design. You can as well get more than one if you like to try new accessories with each passing outfit.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Imitation Jhumka

This is the least expensive option. These jhumka are generally priced anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs.1000.

If you are just testing out your style then get few basic jhumka models in this and see what’s suits your face. This might save you the regret of investing so much on a lavish gold jhumka only to figure out later that the particular model is not suiting your face.

How To Style Temple Jhumkas With Outfits?

As you see these traditional jhumkas would be a perfect match for any ethnic outfits.  Sarees, salwars, lehengas, anarkalis..name any and they just look fabulous with a bold temple jhumka by its side.

Below are various outfit inspirations for you to rock these temple Jhumkas.


Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs


Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Floor Length Suits:

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs


Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Half Sarees:

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

And now it’s time to see some celebrity style to get you more inspired. Yes, even our bollywood celes and tollywood fashion icons have a special corner for these beautiful jhumkas in their vanity.

Now check out how celebs have styled their outfits with this classic earring.

Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs Temple Jewellery Jhumka DesignsTemple Jewellery Jhumka Designs Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs Temple Jewellery Jhumka Designs

Where to Shop Temple Jewllery Jhumka?

There are many online shops and Facebook/Instagram boutiques where you can shop Temple Jhumkas.

Few are there online shops to buy them now!

Amazon [Shop Here]

Flipkart [Shop Here]

Mirraw [Shop Here]

If you have been looking for more customized jhumka designs with premium quality then the below three label would help you get that.

BCOS Its Silver

Label : BCOS – Its Silver
Contact No: +91 90941 38036.
Email :artee.manifattura@gmail.com
Website: https://www.bcositssilver.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bcos_its_silver/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCOSITSSILVER/

Ms Pink Panther

Label : Ms Pink Panther
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MISSPINKPANTHERJEWELLERY/
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Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mspinkpantherjewel/
Website : http://www.mspinkpanther.com/


Label : Abharanam
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/abharanam/
Email : aahbaranam@gmail.com
Whatsapp : 9677600195

Okay! Hope you have noticed what a lovely earring like this could do to your overall look. Buy a temple jhumka right now and style it with any outfit taking inspiration from here.

You sure won’t regret this investment. Now time to share how you would style this earring with your outfits!

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