How to Look Good On Your Not-So-Bright Grey Saree

Have you ever looked at your face after three days of sickness?

The answer is close to …lost, dark, obviously all the colors wiped out with no-makeup and pretty dress to embrace you.

That’s the same feeling you are bound to get, when you style a grey saree remarkably wrong.

To test, wear it, step out and the first question you hear is, Are you okay?

Grey saree does have this unbelievable way looking blunt and tiring. Besides, many do the mistake of draping it with matching- equally unattractive- grey blouse and even went on to dig grave for the look with gloomy accessories.

The end result, you get to look exactly the three-day-sick face without actually being sick.

How can you come out from this depth of despair?

You can and you will, if you take the hint from Tisca Chopra. The pretty women lately wore a grey saree for an movie outing and looked like a fresh piece of apple. Absolutely gorgeous, and delicious in her look.

Grey Saree With Red Blouse

How did she manage?

Simple. Introduce red in the form of blouse, bindi, lipstick and other things you can come up with.  The deep red is the savoir for all the sleeping grey sarees on your wardrobe.

Have any other interesting tip to style grey sarees? Drop and let us know your comments via the box below.

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