6 Tips To Wear Silk Saree Beautifully!

It’s officially festive season now. Which means, time to bring out your silk sarees and flaunt them on all important days.

Draping your silk saree with flawless style is something that doesn’t come on a day. Have you seen models and celebs gracing the elaborate Kancheepuram and Banarasi silk in so effortless way?

Do you envy that? You can also pull off those sarees with arresting look if you plan ahead with all the details. Yes with a wee bit of care from your end, nailing a silk saree look is just within the reach.

So, how to wear silk sarees beautifully?

To seek inspiration, we started our surfing and landed on the reputed label ‘Bhargavi Kunnam’. They have amazing silk saree collections with great photos on how to wear them beautifully.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam

Of course we duly took notes to share it with you.

Now let’s get ahead and see some quick tips that can aid you in perfecting your saree look.

Right Color

When it comes to silk sarees, half of the battle is won by just picking up the right color, keeping the occasion/event you plan to wear on mind.

For instance, deep hues work like a magic for late evening days. However, a bright red or blue would give you fresh vibes if you choose to wear it on early festive mornings.

Hope you got the gist.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam


Once you have picked up the right saree, the next crucial thing that will make world of difference to your saree is the right blouse.

You can dress up or dress down your saree look by playing with your blouse style. If you plan to wear sarees for parties and events, then a heavy work blouse will enhance your saree look.

In case if you plan to wear your sarees for poojas and festivals, then a simple casual blouse would work well.

Also, you can experiment with new neck and sleeve style to make your blouse look riveting.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam

Draping Style

Next is the draping style. This is one area where many fail miserably. The 9 yards of beauty should be draped in such a way that its true elegance should shine when you wear it.

Clumsy pleats and wrinkles will take away the charm from your saree look. So a day before you plan to wear, make sure the saree is well ironed out.

If possible pleat the saree in advance and keep it intact with safety pins. So when you actually wear it, it is a breeze to put together everything.

Get a fine saree pin to make your front pleats stay in place.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam


A silk saree is not complete without few fine jewellery pieces. Bold antique necklace, jhumkas and kada style bangle blends beautifully with your drapes. No wonder, these are trending this season without a break.

If you have been nurturing ideas to wear saree this season, then get on board and invest in few quality antique jewelleries.

If you are not into antique pieces, you can even try silver jewllery which is getting famous day by day. It sort of gives a fusion look to your saree.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam

Make Up

Ok.. now your saree and accessory sections are done. It’s time to plan makeup.

Since silk sarees are meant for festive season, it is absolutely essential to try some bright makeup that compliments your ensemble.

Get a good foundation to keep your makeup intact.  Kajal filled dark eyes can make you look majestic with silk sarees. Keep your lips vibrant with bold red or pink that gel wells with saree color.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam


And finally, you need to get your hair done in a traditional way to nail your silk saree look. Generally long braids would do well with silk sarees. If you have short hair, then even a simple ponytail with a row of jasmine will add nice traditional touch.

If braids and ponytails bore you out, then go for chic updo and fancy flower clips to finish off your hairstyle.

How to wear silk sarees beautifully
Photo : Bhargavi Kunnam

Wearing your perfect saree not lies just in picking up the expensive one, but you should also cater to other things right from jewellery to makeup. Once when all these are put together, an irresistible saree style will spur out.

If you like to shop the same sarees, then do check out the label below.

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Go give all these tips a try and let us know how you rocked the day!

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