Aditi Rao Shows Us How To Look Simple on Silk Saree

When it comes to silk saree, all one can imagine is draping a heavy fabric with layers of catching jewellery and some heavy makeup to round off the look. However, the recent appearance of Aditi Rao proves us this myth is so wrong. The pretty actress, off late, wore a drop dead gorgeous turquoise green saree for a store launch in Pune, and there is no surprise that, all the eyes were on her for making a silk saree look so effortless and stylish too.

how to look simple on silk saree

The trick of her to shine on a silk saree, is to choose a light weight saree with minimal embellishment and pair it with just a jhumka to highlight the look. And that sets off the magic here. Even her makeup is settled with nude colors with just the thick brows to keep the attention.  We love how the jhumka blends so well with the saree making it totally unnecessary to reach for any other piece of accessory. Though we are not much impressed with her hairstyle, we still love how the overall look is so easy going and attractive.

So, girls, those who are in search of a silk saree look that is quite simple and stylish, you need to replicate this style from Aditi Rao.

Tell us what you like about this look of Aditi Rao here? Do you see yourself trying this out? or Do you have any other significant improvement in this look to make it more catchy!

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