This is The Most Favourite Hairstyle To Wear With Saree Even Now!

Beautiful ladies, planning to get dressed up in a saree for an occasion or event and look classic, elegant?. These are some of the classic bun hairstyles that can be worn with a saree.

A silk saree and a classic bun is an excellent combination.  Decorating the bun with gajra that matches the saree colour can add up to the beauty of the bun.

Whether it is a silk saree or a chiffon saree, a classic bun with gajra can make you stand in the crowd.

It doesn’t matter whether you have short hair or long hair, the classic bun can make you look an angel in whatever style you wear it.

There are many ways to wear a bun and whatever way you wear it, whether it is a classic bun, a flower shaped bun or a messy bun, it only adds up to your elegance. Do scroll down to find some awesome bun hairstyle inspiration below!

saree and hair bun

saree and hair bun saree and hair bun saree and hair bun saree and hair bun

Decorating the bun with hair accessories adds up to the beauty of the bun. A bun is one hairstyle that is easy to wear and it suits women of all age groups.

So ladies, try these beautiful classic bun hair styles with sarees and look classy.

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