You Can Wear Plain Blouse With Silk Saree and Still Look Stunning!

Our idea to shine on silk saree is to hit with a finely tailored heavy work blouse. When it comes to expensive sarees, it goes without saying, that the blouse too, should be embellished enough to catch up with the saree.

This formula never went wrong.  So when someone looked dashing on 9 yards of Kancheevaram silk with a glistening zardosi work blouse, we know what is behind that magic.

Two complimenting and well designed artistic pieces are never going to let you down. That being said, did it ever occur that you can wear the same silk saree even with a plain blouse (Read: strictly no zari details or whatsoever) and still you can make your saree look bewitching?

Many might even think wearing simple blouses to silk is a big letdown. In fact our own thoughts are no different. Nevertheless, your saree is not going to look blunt if you give simple blouses a try.

At least, you will revise these thoughts when you take a good look on Deepika Padukone’s latest saree style for a book launch event.

The actress, on the event, wore a magnificent Banarsi silk with (you guessed right!) a plain blouse and yet her saree look is no where compromised. She looked radiant and classic.

Silk Saree With Plain Blouse

Silk Saree With Plain Blouse

Mind you! the blouse in talk is not even in contrasting hue. It is a simple elbow sleeve blouse with a sight puff around the shoulders. And we must say, it never occurred for us to try this. We don’t even have to spend a ton to get a blouse like this and it looks totally chic for a traditional saree.

We wholeheartedly agree why Deepika is lauded for her fashion sense!

Do you like this saree look? Drop and let us know your comments.

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