This Blouse Choice For Blue Saree Will Surprise You!

To improve your own fashion sense, it is absolutely essential to be open and get inspired from the like minded fashion loving women.

Often you will end up with a stunning look by just emulating these style stars. That’s why we have such an obsession over celebrity dressings for where else we go to dig out fashion inspirations?

If not for our compulsive tracking on celebrity fashion, chances are we would have never known that a blue saree can be styled with this surprising choice of blouse hue.

For a royal blue to shimmer through the crowd, we have seen it draped with vibrant red, cool shades of pink and even daring yellow to strike a chord. However, recently we saw Kajol taking her blue saree style to significant next level by the choice of her grey blouse.

While blue and grey might not excite you in writing, when you take a good look on Kajol on a real picture, you will get the point on why it gets us to harp about it.

Blouse Designs For Blue Sarees

Blouse Designs For Blue Sarees

We are still surprised by Kajol’s blouse choice and thanking her for showing yet another fabulous color to wear with blue. With a blue and grey combination by your side, a bold kudan accessory is all you need to strike an arresting look. Agree?

What’s your take on this color combination? Drop and let us know your thoughts.

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