A Quick Guide to Get Best Gold Blouse Designs

At the risk of being repetitive, let us iterate the known fact that it is absolutely essential to have a flattering gold blouse on your wardrobe if you like sarees.


Because they can be paired with any of your sarees and instantly make you feel that you are party-ready.

Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees
Photo : Zari by Anju Shankar

You can wear age old saree of yours and give a fresh spin to your look by matching it with a gold blouse. So a single gold blouse will let you to get creative with your saree styling each time you choose to wear one.

That’s why we keep repeating that how crucial it is to invest on a gold blouse.

Sarees That Goes Well With Gold Blouse

If you ask us which saree would exactly compliment a gold blouse, we would pick any party wear designer drapes and of course the timeless silk sarees.

The gold blouse has this innate nature to infuse a party look to your outfit. Thus it is best to keep this beauty off from your casual and office saree looks.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

However, gold blouse make a remarkable combination with any sarees that you plan to wear for grand events, wedding parties and other functions.

And gold blouse can also be a best bet with stylish drapes like net sarees, tissues sarees and lace one for sure. So if you are in your teens and love to flaunt stylish transparent sarees then make a note that gold blouse is a must-have for you.

Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees

Often a plain gold blouse is enough to compliment your expensive silk sarees, however to make it more majestic, we request you to consider lavish kundan or zardosi work all over it. It will bring a royal look to your sarees.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

And if you are a bride, do consider embellishing your gold blouse with enormous thread work, beads and stone highlights for it will surely make you a show stopper.

Latest Gold Blouse Designs & Ideas

Now time to take a look on array of mind-blowing gold blouse designs that you can customize as per your needs and come up with your own style.

This is a pretty gold net blouse design that has transparent yoke with a bold bead embellishing the delicate thread work on the back. Consider wearing this with a simple designer number or with tulle sarees.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Convert your plain sarees to party wear by pairing them with gold blouse studded with glittery mirrors and glamorous thread tie-up at the back.Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees


The chic embroidery work around the collar and blouse back neck makes this blouse model a complimenting one for sarees in the hues ivory, beige and off-white etc. This can even be worn with your favorite silk to give a stylish makeover.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

A full blown mirror work on a gold blouse can be literally worn with any saree of any shade.  To spice up the style, consider boat neck and sexy back buttons.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

If you feel gold blouse are too loud for your style, then instead of picking a heavily embellished one, consider a textured blouse like below.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Image wearing a plain red or black saree with this? Does it sound so tempting? This is a kind of blouse which will make your overall style so rich and grand irrespective of type of saree you plan to wear it with.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

When you put together a short sleeve, back hole and thread tie-up on a gold blouse, it is bound to look beautiful as below.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

If you prefer minimalistic fashion, then getting a simple gold blouse with just flattering cuts and transparent details should be an apt choice!

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

If you love embroidery and other thread work on your blouse, we would strongly urge you to get it done with zari thread. Because gold blouse with zari thread work is like having an ice-cream with a cherry top. Just delightful.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Here is another outstanding gold mirror work blouse that has tie-up around the collar and most gorgeous yoke. Do pair this with sarees that has less work so that this blouse remains the center of attraction.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Choose a right fabric and your overall saree look will be immensely noticed by others. For instance, a blouse like the below takes a stand-out look because of that super shining cloth.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Take your pattu sarees to next level by getting your blouse a dose of intricate kundan work. You can even opt for colorful stone work that matches your saree color.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

While halter-neck blouse itself is too sexy to handle sometimes, having it with a bold back neck and tie up is sure way to look glamorous on the party day.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

There is no rule that your gold blouse should not carry off any interesting colors to make it more appealing.

If you feel a plain gold shade will look bare, consider introducing other colors on the appropriate section of your blouse for subtle highlights. Your blouse will thank you for that.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

A simple raw gold blouse with  lace net sleeve is another interesting way to get your blouse done for expensive sarees.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Love sequins and other glittery particles? Then opt for them in gold hue, if you like to highlight your blouse then consider patch work on the colors that matches with your saree. Here below is the inspiration.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

A heavy thread detailing like this will make your blouse a go-to choice for both party wear and silk sarees.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Increase the style quotient of your gold blouse by having fine back opens and locking them with exotic thread tie-ups.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

If you don’t mind a bit of experimentation, consider blouses with chic coats like below. This, you can even wear as lehenga or plain skirt tops.

Gold Blouse Designs For SareesWhen you opt for a gold color blouse to your silk sarees, do get a huge tassel work as below. It will add a new dimension to the blouse back neck.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Even if you afraid to go bold with your gold blouse, try innovative back neck designs to make your blouse look stylish. Take the below blouse models for inspirations.

Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees Gold Blouse Designs For Sarees

Now it is tome to get real motivation from celebrities to try this gorgeous blouse patterns.

Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees Gold Color Blouse Designs For Sarees

These are our ideas to get your blouse in the most fascinating way. Considering the importance of a gold color blouse, do invest your time and pick the right option for you.

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Do you have any other ideas to try with gold blouse? Drop your comments and let us know!

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