The Accessory That Can Make Your Silk Saree Look Stylish

On the days when you like to look traditional self, you grab your best of silk sarees. Does that mean, should you let your silk sarees lay rest till you stumble across the next auspicious occasion of the year?

To everyone’s sadness, silk sarees doesn’t see the light of the day on most events that are less traditional and more formerly.

Take a friend’s outing or evening cocktail parties where the less-fuss designer sarees or other ethnic outfits are often given the priority. Why? Because, silk sarees generally lack the modern factor, that are so prominent for these parties and get-togethers.

However, today we are going to spill a little secret of owing a cute accessory that is a game changer for silk sarees. With a right hairstyle, makeup and this accessory to aid you with your silk sarees, you can give a stylish spin to your drapes thereby making it work even for the most formal parties.

Next time, when you are headed for shopping, get a modish waist band as this is going to take your silk saree style to whole new level. Surprised?

Check below, how Srividya makes this accessory work like a charm on her recent silk saree style.

How to wear silk saree in stylish way

How to wear silk saree in stylish way

The full sleeve blouse and the waist hugging sleek band add a sophisticated touch to this saree look here. What do you think?

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