9 Stylish & Comfy Daily Wear Sarees To Shop Now

Sarees are possibly the most elegant and sophisticated Indian attires that one can think of. More or less every woman has them in her wardrobe. However, with time, there is a change in style and fashion.

daily wear sarees
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Designer and contemporary sarees have come into fashion, but saree, as a whole has not lost its appeal and market even today. This article will give you an idea of not only some of stylish and comfy daily wear sarees. Take a look and get ready to shop now!

Linen Sarees

When you think of sarees, you need not stick to cottons or silks. There are certainly more options available. Modern ladies are going gaga over linen sarees. The main reason for this is the ultimate comfort factor that it offers.  

daily wear sarees
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Added to this is the element of charm, grace and sophistication that it offers to the wearer. From plain and simple linen sarees to the linens with block prints, batik prints and jamdani prints, you will be spoilt for a choice when you shop for these varieties.

Shibori Sarees

Shibori is a special technique of dyeing cloth and draw a picture on a piece of cloth followed by the tying method.

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These sarees have become quite popular in the recent times, and they can be clearly distinguished in terms of the soft and blurry pattern, but delivering an amazing feel on the body.

These sarees are not only available in some of the most exclusive prints, but also in vibrant colours.

Indigo Sarees

Indigo sarees are mainly blue coloured sarees with a soft and comfortable material. Hence, most women like these sarees. The borders of these sarees are often in black, golden or brown, and this creates an appealing factor in the sarees.

daily wear sarees
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 In fact, the immense varieties in which these sarees are available will simply wow you. Right from the Chanderi Zari indigo saree to white pattern, vibrant pattern, striped patter, floral pattern, ecru patterns and many more to mention.

The best part is that you can mix and match these sarees with different coloured blouses for an elegant appeal.

Mull Cotton Sarees

These cotton mull sarees have been in the market for a long time. They are extremely soft, delicate and light weight. There was a time when these sarees were popular only in India, but now these are popular all over the world.

daily wear sarees
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They are comfortable yet sophisticated due to which they are ideal for daily wear. Hence, you should certainly try out your hands on these sarees.

Ikat cotton sarees

The main characteristics of the Ikat cotton sarees is the blurriness apparent in the designs. They are available in both cotton and silk material. The art of weaving involves a dyeing technique.

daily wear sarees
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Most of these sarees come in big, bright and bold patterns due to which it makes the wearer stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you shop these sarees, you can treasure it in your wardrobe for a long time to come because it will never go out of fashion.

Bengal Cotton Sarees

The Bengal cotton sarees are the most popular varieties of cotton sarees worn by women. These sarees are available since a long time, and they still occupy a crucial part of every wardrobe even today.

daily wear sarees
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The light and airy texture of these sarees makes them highly comfortable to wear, especially during the hot and humid season. Most of these sarees come with thick borders and are woven with wide ranges of paisley, floral and different other artistic motifs.

Many of these sarees have hand painted designs, embroidered and printed on the fabric. Therefore, this is certainly a must-buy for any modern woman.

Kalamkari Sarees

These are hand painted sarees and are very stylish along with being comfortable.  The free hand drawings in the sarees are worth keeping in the wardrobe because when you are in these sarees, they will surely grab anyone’s attention.

daily wear sarees
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The painting style block in these sarees has certainly increased the popularity of these sarees. You can be rest assured that you will seriously love these sarees like no other.

Printed Crepe Sarees

The distinct crisp and crimped saree makes the crepe sarees distinct in appeal. Hence, it is the top choice of many modern women when it comes to ultimate style and comfort. Different types of fabrics might be used in the crepe sarees ranging from silk, wool or even synthetic fibres.

daily wear sarees
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The silk yarns are woven to form the fabric. You can get both soft and hard crepe in the market. The soft crepe comes with wavy patterns while the hard crepe comes with an elastic structure.

This fabric is available all over the world, and surprisingly it is known by different names in different places. In addition to that, you will also be amazed with the wonderful and vibrant colours and feel in these sarees.

Floral Sarees

Sarees are undoubtedly available in different designs and materials. Among these variations, the floral prints and patterns have been popular since a long time. Surprisingly, these are in trend even today.

Any woman will be attracted to a floral printed saree and more or less everyone has one in their wardrobe. These sarees are indeed bold and vibrant and creates a different appeal altogether.

daily wear sarees
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In some sarees, the floral patterns are found in the borders, while in some other cases the body of the saree is covered with floral motifs. You can easily choose from any material and any price range, and you will feel glad that you have purchased one of these.

Saree is one such attire that can make anyone look appealing, beautiful and special. At the same time, it is important to feel comfortable and carry it well. With the above mentioned sarees, you can definitely be on your toes throughout the day without feeling any discomfort wearing a saree.

Therefore, it is high time to start shopping and enhance your wardrobe like never before. This can be great!

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