Surprise: 8 New Dresses You Can Make From Old Sarees

How many sarees are in the old bunker of your grandma? Does your mother also have an old wardrobe with full of her young age sarees? They are the precious closets which have been preserved through ages in the form of old love and praise.

From old sarees to almost forgotten wedding lehenga and dupattas, the precious closet has everything that if found by a designer, can create havoc of things from that.

dresses made from old sarees

What will you do with them? Donate?

Good but not so good to accomplish!!!

These old sarees are worth such a million dollar glare which if transformed can be worn at different occasions and places with élan. One can upscale them as fashionable haute wear!

dresses made from old sarees
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Let’s transform these once muted pieces into a vogue which will be surely and instantly make the whole town to whisper with surprise. But before attempting these DIYs, you should be well informed of the knick knacks.

And here we have the complete scroll for you…

1. Cocktail Wears

dresses made from old sarees

As we are experiencing hard summer hitting on the doors and getting plenty of invitations from Dukes and chancellors, cocktail wears is a must thing that we need to have in our closet.

Sorry to realize, that we are not the Duchess of India but still favour to adore our beauty in the most traditional Indian handloom dresses.

Wear comfortable, chic and trendy long gowns made of Banarasi silk or Kanjeevaram silk sarees. This best part of this is that you do not have to spend a fortune to buy these exceptional drapes. You have it in your very own couture.

2. Inspiring Dress

dresses made from old sarees

Get the Grecian aura in you now by crafting the beauty out of the classic sarees in your mother’s closet. Here we have saved the trick! Transform a saree into a Grecian-inspired dress as shown and stitch according to your fit.

Choose a light in weight silk style saree or you can also try crepe and satin. The light material of the sarees will amazingly cling to your body and flatter every bit of your curve. Keep the hemlines and stitches tight.

3. Design Blouses

dresses made from old sarees

Contrasting blouses or blouses with flaunting border works, ravishing colours – do they excite you? Then this idea will definitely attract you! Catch up the most quirky hue saree from that old closet and infuse the most trendy design with it.

Justify it with the most catchy look with keeping it simple and wearing the printed blouse with a solid saree. The 6-yard saree has a lot of space to cover; you can cut make out almost of 2-3 blouses out of it. You can make out different designs of necklines, sleeves with them.

Don’t over accessorise with such contemporary beauty and let’s saunter n the stage while being minimalistic.

4. Contemporary Dress Set

dresses made from old sarees

How ‘bout making a dress set which has been inspired by the era and beyond? If you have a half n half saree, you can do this part as easily as if you’re playing magic bricks game (yes, that old retro!).

Make a one sided top in kaftan style and a wide sharara to flaunt with. Make sure the contrasting parts are playing from the different teams as well. The top and bottom wear should be in different hues to reflect an artistic arc.

Keep the whole game simple and sweet by delivering just the look of your attire. Carry a long Bohemian chain, bangle and earrings (not necessary) made of wood.

5. Cotton Saree Waistcoat

dresses made from old sarees

Has your mom ever mentioned that lot she bought last year – huge array of online cotton sarees? Does she have?

Search for the Kalamkari design saree from the lot and pick out for your next venture/experiment. Cut out just in a mood to wear it over another saree or kurti or top. The sleeveless style will look the best out of all.

6. Turning Into Skirt

dresses made from old sarees

Let’s draw some more attention and mysterious glances over this point! You can use the complete 5yard in the making of the contemporary yet classic paper bag style skirt.

The skirt should have numerous pleats and a wrinkled and oozing out waist space. You can also attach a tassel way around the waist to give a more stylish touch.

The best way to wear this type of skirts is with tucked in shirt or balloon tops.

7. Long Jackets

dresses made from old sarees

The cotton sarees or khadi sarees or starch style silk sarees will do the justice with this type of style. The only reason behind this is the wanting of such bright colours, designs and patterns in them that you can only get with the above-mentioned type of sarees.

You can put an extra lining inside the jacket when made. This will give the piece of art a strong base and sturdy look.

The colourful adherence of the jacket will make it more playful when combined with a traditional handloom saree. Wear brogue shoes to finish off your complete look.

Over accessorising will not be a good idea but be specific what you want to get on with. For instance; you can choose to apply a bold stroke of eyeliner, large bindi, tribal necklace or earrings and a layer of attitude.

8. Palazzo Pants

dresses made from old sarees

Better you opt for shararas because you have such huge lot of fabric which you can easily use to make this Punjabi hit wear. Make sure they are well fitted at the waist and avoid any kind of draw cords. You can attach a line of hooks to get the dreamt fitting at the waistline.

Pull on the most bright and catchy work patterned saree for this experiment and pair it with a solid style kurti or tunic. Don’t go for the kurtis which are going beyond the knee line.

The list hasn’t finished yet and there is more to add on. Open up your imagination and more to your daily apparels with old and discarded sarees. Do let us know your thoughts on the same and don’t forget to share this counsel with the world – beings you care for!

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