8 Chic Tops to Wear with Dhoti Pants

Thanks for the vast Indian ethnic outfit options available to keep us excited each passing day.

On the side of broad fashion radar, we can see sarees and stylish blouses having a huge cult following that only increases day by day.

On the other end, we have much more understated wears like kurthas, salwars and other tops that makes a great functional wear for our day to day activities.

And there is this whole range of bottom wears (Read : leggings, skirts, palazzos) that can give a fresh spin to your same age-old top. In this throng of stylish Indian pants, there is a gem of a design which often remains underutilized and less explored.

It is the roomy and relaxed dhoti pants which you can mostly spot in a Patiala suit.

Many make a major blunder with this pant style.  And that’s choosing a long kurtha/ salwar tops to wear with it thereby hiding the layered silhouette of these pants and making the more horrendous fashion mishap.

If you have this pant, and yet let is asleep peacefully on your wardrobe, except for the occasion stint with matching long tops, it only means you badly need few ideas on how to pick the right top for this statement wear.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Yes, you can put together a downright effortless ethnic style by picking up right tops for your dhoti style pants. The trick is to look for tops that complement the layers in your pant.

You can play a peek-a-boo by wearing a high-low tops or asymmetric tops or even slide slit top. All of these tops will highlight the right parts of your dhoti pants, in a new light, and would make your look totally riveting.

If you need inspiration, then check below the 8 chic tops that you can wear with dhoti pants.

Cape Necks

The cape neck style tops can be a appealing one to wear with dhoti pants. If you wear plain pants, then you can opt for embellished top to strike a balance. Wear a sleek ponytail and pair fine metallic pumps to rock this look.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Jacket Style Tops

Jacket style tops in medium length can make a better pair with dhoti pants. The trick here is to have a high-low hemline that can lavishly show off the cool layers you have on your pant. This would give you an edgy ethnic look.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Saree with Dhoti Pants

Take your dhoti pants for a fusion look by wearing a chic crop top and long dupatta over it, to give an impression of a new saree style.  Round off the look with statement jewellery.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Slip Top and Long Jacket

For an ultra cool look, wear your dhoti pants with an embellished slip top and throw in a cool ethnic jacket in vibrant hue.  All the brides who run out of new dress options to try amidst your pre and post wedding activities should give this one a try.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Side Slit Tops

The beauty of wearing dhoti pants is in showing off its lavish layers and curls gracefully.  One way to get this right is by wearing a deep side slit tops like the one below.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Asymmetric Tops

Tops that has asymmetric hemline can make your dhoti pant look dramatic and well tailored.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Crop Tops

Crop tops are not only a best mate for your lehengas. They can literally make your dhoti pants look super stylish and trendy.  Mix and match different prints and embellishments depending on the occasion you plan to wear this.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

Peplum Tops

The frills in the peplum tops make it a winning combination to wear it with Dhoti pants. This is hard to resist by any ethnic fashion loving women.

Tops for Dhoti Pants

These are super 8 chic tops (other than your usual kurthas) to try with dhoti style pants. Don’t let these glamorous pants stay struck on your wardrobe. Try them with various creative tops and achieve a new look each time.

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