7 Indian Fashion Designer Sarees You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Sarees are quite a beauty. Isn’t it true? A good drape creates a memorable day. Though many ensembles dominate the Indian ethnic fashion zone, saree remains the queen of it. It is an undeniable fact. Sometimes, sarees are not just a piece of clothing worn to make you look beautiful. It is more than that. We all have few exquisite sarees kept as a treasured procession on our wardrobe. It is sure to stand test of time and be passed to generation. Those sarees have some specialty for it be kept like a prized thing. If you are looking to build the count of such cherished sarees, then you need to check out India’s leading fashion designer sarees which are a privilege for any women to wear in this life time. So, you have all the more reasons to keep it dear for coming years!

These fashion designer’s sarees are made with craft and care, so you can see the true passion oozing out from you when you wear them. While some designers go for heavy drapes with a spectacular work to bespeak the traditions in 9 yards of clothing, some designers manage to create the magic by trusting the simplicity and down-to-earth fabrics. Ultimately, the choice is yours to pick the sarees from designers, which suits your personal style and likes.

Now let’s get started and see the 7 Indian fashion designers who weaves magic in the long drapes called sarees.


Imagine the strong-willed queens and princess that you have read in your bed time stories. If they happen to live now, we are sure, they will be waiting to wear all the stunning drapes of Sabyasachi. His collections bring out the rich Indian tradition and culture in the most likable form for today’s generation to embrace it with grace. You can’t stop looking regal once you have your eyes set on a Sabyasachi saree. That’s the power of it. So, if you want a saree which should look artistic and poetic, then you know where to get that!

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Manish Malhotra:

Manish Malhotra is one designer that Bollywood would never stop talking about. Name any celebrity, you can see their favourite designer being this man. He has huge fan following among the actress and prominent public personalities, so it is quite hard to not stumble over his stylish sarees in public events. His sarees are totally drool-worthy and have an innate classiness to it. If you want a designer saree to glam up your look, you need to knock Mr.Manish’s door.

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Gaurang Shah:

Time to move for some traditional sarees, especially inspired from South Indian cultures. If you live down south, you know nothing can beat a good looking silk or cotton saree. Gaurang Shah specializes in showing these fabrics in a new limelight by playing with traditional work and bold motifs on it. Not to mention the color choices he uses on to make his sarees irresistible. In short, all fashion seeking South Indian ladies, your needs will be met by colourful world of Gaurang.

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Raw Mango:

Raw Mango by Sanjay Garg, is an another widely known brand which is known to create aesthetic looking traditional sarees with a touch of classiness. Raw Mango has a huge fan following in celeb world, so you can spot their collections on most of your favourite ladies on Bollywood. If you want a simple, yet sophisticated sarees that speaks for your personality and style, then start investing on this label.

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs


Some simply don’t like to have any drama on their sarees. Simple, pure and traditional sarees are still being coveted by many for the effortless style it brings out. If such is your taste, then you will hoard up on Anavila’s collection. Pure sustainable cotton, silk and linen sarees are her specialities. You can see her collection fuss free and pretty much with nil embellishments, yet striking all the way.

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Ritu Kumar:

Ritu Kumar is one of the forerunner in bringing the boutique culture to India. She is in the field for long long years and that is evident from her saree designs. Fresh colors with catchy embellishments are some unique features you can look out in her sarees. If you want a fresh appeal on a traditional saree, then Ritu Kumar’s collection will come to your rescue.

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Anamika Khanna:

Anamika Khanna is all about experimental styles. If you want to break all the traditional notions associated with sarees, then her collections will remind, how you can revive this age-old drape to something spectacular to match the current trend. Her sarees are edgy and chic all the way!

Indian Fashion Designer Saree Designs

Well, we have come to the conclusion! If you want to make your saree stand for the time, then peeking into some of India’s leading fashion designer’s collection will make your dream come true. Of course, all these are luxurious high-end brand that can’t be afforded by many. Nevertheless, if money is not an issue, we urge you to give these designers a try for you will never regret.


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