6 Gifts That Every Saree Lover Would Love To Receive

Do you know the most exciting feeling for a saree lover is?

It’s the moment when you get all your pleats and pallu perfecting the look, with fine accessories popping out at right places, and then the hair and face makeup having their best day.

And there is something even more exciting than a best done saree look!

Gifts for saree lovers

It’s receiving super precious gifts from our loved ones, who know that we adore sarees to bits and so we need to be gifted items that align with our saree obsession.

Obviously receiving such gifts is going to melt our hearts and give us another reason to wear a saree for the day.

Hence if you are that person who is in search of gift stuffs to wrap it for your saree loving girl, then read ahead to find the 6 best items that will get you tons of thanks from that special person for this well thought out gift idea.

Saree Pins/ Brooches

Ask your women what gives the final content smile on their face when wearing saree, it’s tucking that final embellished pin at right place to keep front pleats and the shoulder pallu intact.

As serious saree hoarder, we know what a blessing these saree pins and brooches are!

Gifts for saree loversGifts for saree lovers


It goes without saying that saree lovers have special place for jewellery.

Jewellery and saree goes hand in hand. Yet there are women who don’t like to overwhelm their look with heavy necklace or bangles or earrings for that matter.

But all, even those who only like delicate thin jewellery, would love to get their hands on a good pair of Jhumka.

Gifts for saree lovers

Clutch/Potli Bags

It doesn’t need a rocket science to figure out that a casual leather bag is never a best mate for a festive saree look. Of course women need more graceful embellished clutch box or potli bags to nail their saree look.

And there is always a space to receive a new bag of this sort as gift.

Gifts for saree lovers Gifts for saree lovers

Pleat Maker

‘I always do a perfect pleat’, said none in the saree world. Ask a women what is to war with the front pleats of untamed bold Kanchiveeram silk, they will tell you the hustle of dressing up.

In short, some sarees need more than the delicate female hand to put them in place. That’s why a pleat maker is a blessing in disguise.

Gifts for saree lovers

Hair Straightener

Okay, this may surprise many. But before making assumptions, let’s get to the fact.

Besides giving a super shinny hair for your party days, a hair straightener can also help a saree lover to keep their expensive drapes out of wrinkles and creases.

Yes, this amazing electronic device is so handy to iron out folds and crumples there by help you to get that polished saree look. Especially, if you travel a lot, then this little device will fix a lot of your saree woes.

gift to saree lovers

All Purpose Blouse

There are certain blouse hues that are universally flattering to wear with any saree. Gifting these blouses to your saree loving women will give her goosebumps. For a starter, you can pick a charming gold blouse.

Gifts for saree lovers
Photo : House of Blouse

That’s it. All the above gift ideas will immediately perk up your special person. Be that thoughtful person and don’t miss a chance to put that precious smile on the face of your bestie/sister/mother/wife! They deserve this.

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