4 South Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Wear More Sarees

We openly confess that we have a major girl crush moments whenever we spot a celebrity or style icons draping an enviable saree.

You know what! Off late this girl crush thing happens frequently with South Style Icons.

If you want to hone your own personal saree style, you should as well keep an eye on these pretty ladies as you might end up learning a lot on how to pull off a saree look with ease and elegance.

Rakul Preet

This stylish celebrity is often up on the saree game with her innovative choices and her quirky ways to elevate it further.

She loves to experiment her saree style every time when she decides to make a public appearance.

Her latest movie promotional outfits ranged from super chic designer drape to a uber cool fusion saree.

If you need inspiration in creative saree draping, fancy blouse styles and ultra cool saree accessories, then you should keep an eye on her.

Celebrity Saree Style

Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style


We love Samantha for the classic saree options she has been opting off late. Few years back she was more into fancier and more designer numbers.

But right now her saree appearances are leaning towards more silk and handloom drapes.

Her customized engagement saree which shook the fashion world few months back is the proof that she would go any length to make here saree look impeccable.

Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style


Next in our inspiration list is, of course Nayanthara. Her dressing style has matured over the past few years.

More than style and other elements, you can see her now focusing the easy and comfy-ness of her look.

So she opts for breezy fabrics, easy-go styles to nail her saree look. You need to follow her if you want to learn tricks on how to be charming even when you wear simplest of drapes.

Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style


She is quite off the field now. But does that mean we will ever forget here?


Her saree style is quite an inspiration not just for us but for many. Her specialty is silk sarees.

If you want to master your silk saree look, then do follow this woman for innovative blouse choice, arresting makeup and other nitty-gritty things you can do to make your look more traditional.

Celebrity Saree Style Celebrity Saree Style

Well..These are 4 south beauties who have been stirring us a lot off late when it comes to saree style.

Who are your favorite celebs for saree inspirations? Let us know by dropping your comments in the box below.

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