These Brands Have The Best Bridal Blouse Designs

The bridal blouse design is something that attracts everyone’s attention and hence every bride try to wear the best one on their wedding day. They keep on searching for the latest bridal blouse designs online and choose the one that they like the most. In this blog post we will showcase few exclusive blouses by different brands, below we will also give links of those brands so that you can buy them!!

Brand: Ishithaa Design House

Mostly with South Indian kanjivaram sarees, brides prefer to wear heavy embroidered blouses. Especially heavy embroidery on the sleeves and the back. Beautiful cut out designs back blouse are also quite popular and you can see from brides to wedding guests, most of them carrying this style blouses with their sarees. These days belt style blouse is also being very famous wherein there is a belt like cutout in the blouse itself, this type of design looks quite classy.

Brides prefer wearing elbow sleeves blouses with their wedding silk sarees. The sleeves are beautifully decorated with embroidery work or cut out sleeves with jewels, etc. Below we have featured some of the best bridal blouse designs 2020 that you all will love. Below featured designs are collected from five different brand, check out the links below if you wish to buy from those brands.

Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Kanjam Silks
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: J2 Fashions
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Ishithaa Design House
Brand: Kajam Silks
Brand: Ishithaa Design House
Brand: Lopa Design Studio
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Mabia Mb
Brand: Ishithaa Design House
Brand: Ishithaa Design House
Brand: Ishithaa Design House

Do comment and let us know how did you like our collection of bridal blouse designs 2020. Keep reading this space for more such exciting content on Indian ethnic wears trends.

Brand Links:

Mabia Mb: Shop Now!!

Ishithaa Design House : Shop Now!!

Lopa Design Studio: Shop Now!!

Kanjam Silks : Shop Now!!

J2 Fashions: Shop Now!!