Everyday Natural Makeup For Indian Skin : 9 Chic Looks To Try!

What is way cooler than wearing all your makeup and yet look strikingly simple and natural in your Indian skin?

Your love for makeup could be undefinable, but it is quite impossible to use all fancy shades and products on your face all the time. Simple and wearable makeup is not only must, but also apt for most of the occasions, especially if you are headed to office, college or school every day. Even at home, all you need is a refreshing glow that shine on your face and not the cakey look that comes along with layers and layers of colourful creams, powders etc.

Everyday Natural Makeup Look For Indian Skin Tone

Hence it is essential that you have quite a few handy every day natural make up ideas on your list to wear it without boring yourself.  For a neutral look, you need some of the most basic makeup stuffs in natural shades.  And they are listed down. Don’t worry, for Indian skin, there are plenty of flattering neutral hue products available in the market. Just browse through any online shopping portal to shop these if you haven’t own them yet.

Products Needed for Natural Makeup

  • BB Cream/ Light Weight Foundation: This is the base for your makeup. So, have a light weight foundation that don’t look too heavy. Because you are going for a natural makeup. Even BB creams are fine for this. However, if you have heavy pigmentation, then you need a concealer along with foundation to hide your dark spots.
  • Compact Powder: Compact powder is essential to set your foundation and to prevent your skin from looking oily.
  • Eye Shadow/Blush (in earthy tones): This is an optional one. However, if you want to make your look a little more defined and sculpted, a neutral eye shadow palate is must. You can even use the same as a blush and highlighter.
  • Nude Lipstick: Get your favourite MLBB (My lips but better) shade ready for neutral makeup. However, if you are not much into nudes, you can even go for other hues that compliments your lip colour.
  • Eye Liner: A deep black kajal or eye pencil to define your eyes
  • Mascara: A voluminous mascara to boost your eye lashes.

With these basic makeup stuffs, you can try plenty of makeup looks that are astonishingly simple and natural.  To give you the inspirations and much needed makeup ideas, we have forayed the youtube channels and have come up with 10 interesting everyday natural makeup looks. All you need now is to scroll down and follow the youtube gurus to make your skin glow.

Everyday Nude Makeup Tutorial for Fair Indian Skin

If you are looking for a fresh natural looking day time make up idea, then you need to check out this impressive tutorial from Ankita. With just right tone of blush and lip color, she has come up with a simple radiant makeup look.

Everyday Neutral Makeup Idea For Brown Skin

This makeup tutorial from Niveda is a must watch (and also must try) for it is unbelievably down to earth  and simple. Besides, her skin tone matches with many of Indian women. So, if you want a quick sculpted makeup idea, then here below is the answer.

Easy Everyday Office / Work Makeup for Indian Skin

Hina Attar’s every day easy makeup tutorial is a rescue for those who have small nose and eyes. She knows how to highlight them and make it look seemingly beautiful. The tutorial has few gem of other makeup ideas too . Do watch it if you whine about your nose and eyes.

Easy Natural Makeup Tutorial with Seven Products

Shabani’s natural makeup tutorial is a blessing for those who want to find a quick make up idea without using tons of products on face. This girl knows how to sculpt your face with just limited number of stuffs.

Everyday Office Makeup Idea for Olive Indian Skin

This is another simple video from Shabani again. With a little bit of variation in eye make-up and dose of color on lips, your everyday make up could be so bright and beautiful.  Hence, if you are looking for a bright natural makeup idea, then this is it.

Minimal Everyday Makeup

This one is again from Ankita of Corallista. This for those who like to keep eye makeup subtle and just like to highlight their lips. It is highly wearable makeup for many. Here she shares some wonderful tips on how to do lip and eye makeup inspired from Bobbi Brown. Do check it out.

Everyday Natural Makeup with Kohl Eyes and Neutral Lips

We all love kohl right. Here, Deeptima Singh shows us how to do an incredible everyday makeup who loves to keep eyes bright and lips nude. This look is so desi and will suit a lot for Indian women.

No Makeup Look for Indian Skin Tone

Another no make-up tutorial that you need to catch for an effortless every day look is Shreya’s below video. This suit most of dusky skin beauties as her skin tone match perfectly with them. Throughout the video, she gives lot of other makeup hacks too.

Everyday Simple Makeup For Oily/Acne Skin

For those who want a no-fuss makeup look, especially when your skin is oily and acne prone, then here is an interesting tutorial that will sort out your makeup woes.

Everyday natural make up is quite easy to achieve. All you need is few basic makeup items and a flare to learn how to use them efficiently. These videos will help you to give basic idea on how to do refreshing makeup with these limited products and make your Indian skin shine through! Do watch them, practice them and also look perfect on them!

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