11 Normal Blouse Neck Designs For Simple Saree Style!

Attending an occasion means taking care of every minute detail in your attire. Even the blouse neck plays a major role in making you go gala. And when you are in limelight, you are expected to wear the best out of crowd. Here you can find 11 normal blouse neck designs that could fit on any occasion.

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

Teal Coloured Printed Boat Neck Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

Boat neck is one of the most trendy neck designs in all times. No matter what you choose, it would match any kind of attire and would make you look smart in the crowd. Boat neck could make you look stunning even with the sober design.

The blue and yellow colors will never fail to give you a unique combination. You can find boat neck to enhance your beauty bone and if you stitch the blouse go long, it will help you look slim.

Black High Neck Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

This blouse will make you look gorgeous in any kind of occasion, let it be a day time rituals or night time functions. The black color will never betray you and will always make you look one tone fairer than you are.

Moreover, high neck and deep back blouses are always in fashion and will surely make you look sexy and bold. Also, the wavy pattern will give you a turn-twice-to-notice look. You can put on red colored or black with golden colored bordered saree to complete the look. The simpler tussles on the back gives the blouse a sober yet smart look.

V-Neck Blue Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

If you want a sober yet stunning look, pick this piece blindly. Here is a blouse for you if you want to put on something normal yet out of the box. You can also make an embroidery pattern at the back, if you would like to.

V-neck is especially for the people who prefer to look slim from their actual waist. You can extend the sleeves up to quarter size and put on silver accessories to get ready to rock.

Sleeveless Straight Neck Deep Back Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

Girls now here is something you would not like to leave no matter what function you are planning to attend. With even the simple accessories you can go top notch in the crowd. Also, the color pink is quite generic and you could find matching saree or half saree with ease.

The pattern on the blouse is ethnic beyond satisfaction. Tied up hair in a clean bun is suggestible. You can also extend the pattern at the back of the blouse if you like.

V-Back Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

This blouse offers the graceful look to the wearer for all kinds of occasions. The color is so chosen to make your skin tone look enhanced. You can choose some other shade according to your convenience.

The pattern on the blouse is royal yet ethnic. You can choose to stitch balloon sleeves, if you like. This neck cut could help you gain glares in the crowd. You can put on simple golden jewellery to get a complimentary look.

Round Neck Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

This blouse piece is elegantly stitched to give you a royal look. Bright red shade always enhances the skin tone and when combined with golden, you can get the best in between the crowd. The deep back cut is to give the blouse a smarter look.

You can also make the blouse till down the waist to look slimmer.  Mild makeup and simple accessories with hair tied up in bun is recommended.

Pink V-Back Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

This pink plain blouse is always simple yet stylish. Pink is again a generic color that would match golden, silver or maximum saree or half saree shades. The neck offers an elegant look to the wearer.

You can tie up the hair or put them loose, anyway you want. It is suggestible to pick a light saree or half saree over the blouse to maintain the simplicity of the attire you choose. You can also make the sleeves quarter size if it suits your style.

Blue-Golden V Neck Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

This blouse is perfectly suited for you if you want a royal and ethnic look altogether. The v-neck of the blouse will make you look slim by arms. The shiny stones one the blue is an evergreen style of ethnic dresses.

You can put on black or golden-red colored saree or half saree to match the blouse with your attire. You can put on silver or golden colored accessories to get ready and go gala. Light makeup would go perfectly with the attire.

Red Floral Print Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

If you have a broad neck area, or you want to flaunt your neat collar bones, then sweetheart neck blouses are perfect for you. Blouses with sweetheart necks give a very bold appearance, making the wearer look sexy and classy.

In order to get a bolder look, you can also go for deep V-shaped or U-shaped backs. It is preferable to use a thin necklace or avoid wearing necklace to flaunt your chiselled neck and protruding collar bones with sweetheart neck blouses.

Modest Black Boat Neck Blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

Want a blouse for an office event or a simple get-together? Well, simply go for a boat neck blouse. Boat neck blouses are not only sophisticated and classy, but have a certain vintage look as well. Go for boat neck blouses with minimal thread work or motifs, so as to get a discreet look.

Black U-neck blouse

Normal Blouse Neck Designs

U-neck blouses will go with any neck type. U-neck blouses are very common and can be found in the wardrobe of 99% women. Deep coloured U-neck blouses can be worn for daily events as well as parties. You can wear heavy jewellery on U-neck blouses.

We have always mentioned about the importance of blouses and how a beautiful blouse can enhance the beauty and glamour of a saree and vice versa. The neck design or neck type of a blouse plays an important role in making a blouse look stunning. These normal blouse neck designs would elevate even your simple daily wear saree to whole new level. So ladies choose wisely!!!

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