10 Flattering Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Pink is a color which is associated with women. Almost every woman loves the color pink and has some beautiful pink dresses in her wardrobe. Pink is a subtle color and reflects peace and calmness.

There are various shades of pink for every skin tone. Pink is a very gorgeous shade in itself and wearing pink sarees or lehengas, half sarees, kurtis, anarkalis, etc, will always make anyone stand out of the crowd.

There are many shades of pink like light pink, pale pink, tangerine, blush pink, champagne pink, hot pink, baby pink, bubblegum pink, lipstick pink for various skin tones. Not every colour goes with pink color, so if you don’t match your outfit with homogeneous colors, it may not look appealing at the end.

The colors your opt for blouses/dupattas/saree borders can either make your pink dress look beautiful or blunt. Not ever shade or design blends with pink outfits. A wrong colour tone can ruin the look and style of your dress.

If you are planning on wearing your pink saree for any marriage of festival, it’s very crucial for you to choose a perfect blouse so as to enhance your complete attire. Moreover, you can give your saree new looks by wearing different blouses with it. In the same way if you don’t pair matching jewellery or shoes with your sarees or half sarees, then it can hamper the look of your outfit. For example silver jewellery will go well with deep pink sarees but not pale or light pink ones.

So here we bring you the complete guide on the various color combinations to try with different types of pink garments like sarees, Lehengas, half sarees, etc, the perfect pink shade for every Indian skin tone and what accessories to wear with your attire. Here are some flattering colour combinations for your pink dresses so that you can make your attires look stylish and beautiful.

Light Pink and Gold

When it comes to sarees, blouses play an important role in adding beauty to the entire attire. Pairing contrasting blouses with your saree can elevate your entire look.  If you have to attend the wedding or some other festive occasion of a distant relative or some known person, then you should keep the outfit gorgeous but at the same time low key.

You can go for a light pink saree with dark pink or deep pink border. Pairing the saree with a golden blouse will give the attire a classic and antique look. If you want to have a sophisticated look then basic silk golden blouses are a great option, but if you want to get a bold look then you go for golden blouses having net embroidery work on them. Go for blouses with heavy embroidery work so as to enhance the simplicity of the outfit. Choose gold or pink undertone jewellery for the outfit and finish the look with silver sandals.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Black and Pink

Pairing black and pink is a unique color combination in itself. If you have a multi-colour pink saree with orange and green undertones then pairing it with a black blouse will enhance it’s beauty. Normally multi-coloured sarees look very simple and ordinary, so to give it a bold and gorgeous look one can pair them with black blouses.

The blouses can be black embroidered ones, shimmery black, black blouse with gold or silver embroidery work or full sleeve black blouses with detailed intricate embroidery. Pair it with dark coloured pendant earrings and try to avoid wearing any necklace to get a bold look.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Blue and Pink

Blue and medium pink perfectly go with each other. Kanjevaram sarees are very famous all over India. If you are going for some traditional ceremony then you should opt for medium pink kanjevaram saree with blue or deep blue borders and pair it with blue blouse.

You can go for simple blue blouses, but if you want to mix modernity with tradition go for medium blue or navy blue or royal blue blouses with zari work, intricate net embroidery or deep back blouses with antique latkans. Finish the look with golden or silver jewellery.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Champagne Color and Pink

This color combination is bet for parties and high profile get-togethers. If you want to steal the show in the party and stand out from the crowd you can pair a shimmery champagne coloured sheer net blouse with a pink saree.

Make sure the blouse has shimmery glitter embroidery and intricate and net borders. Pair rose coloured or pink jewellery with the outfit. Finish the look with beige, hot pink or champagne coloured heels or stilettoes.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses


Green and Deep Pink/Magenta Pink

If you want to give your deep pink or magenta saree a classic touch, then pairing it with a deep green coloured blouses is the best idea. Deep green colour will give a royal look to the pink saree.

Make sure the deep green blouse has beautiful golden thread work deign on it, so as to get a splendor look. You can go for sleeveless, 3/4th sleeve of half sleeve blouse.  This look is best for dinner parties or house get-togethers. Complete the outfit with gold jewellery.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Grey and Rose Pink/Nude Pink

This color combination is bit unusual but very unique. If you have a rose pink or nude pink saree you should pair it with grey blouse to get a simple and classic look. This look is very simple and is best for simple occasions.

Grey which is a dull shade will enhance and bring out the beauty of a rose or nude pink saree. Finish the look with deep silver or grey jewellery. Keep the makeup minimal so as to get a simple and subtle look.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Navy Blue/Purple and Pink

Let’s take a small break from sarees and discuss about half sarees which are in trend these days. Half-sarees can be worn in many ways. Therefore wrong colour combinations can take the beauty off from half sarees.

Purple and pink are great combinations for half sarees. One can wear embroidered purple or deep blue blouse with baby pink Langa (skirt) and bubblegum pink voni (dupatta). Complete the look with blue and transparent jewellery.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Orange and Pink

When it comes to pairing orange with pink go for brick or tangy orange and avoid bring orange colors. You can pair a Persian or Mexican pink saree with a tangy orange blouse. Go for stylish and modern blouses to get a trendy look. Pair the outfit with artificial or imitation jewellery.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

Deep Pink and Cotton candy Pink

Pairing two different shades of pink is a very unique idea and will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Cotton candy pink is a very light or light purplish pink shade. Go for a cotton candy pink saree and pair it with a deep pink blouse. Make sure the blouse has intricate gold or silver thread work embroidery or glass work. This look is perfect for day events.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses


Light Pink and Beige/Ivory/Off-white

If you have a light pink saree then going for an ivory or off-white embellished thread work blouse is a very good idea in order to have an elegant and simple look. Finish the outfit with silver jewellery.

Color Combinations for Pink Dresses

When pink in itself a gorgeous shade, make the pink dresses stand out by opting for other contrasting colors listed above as it will make your outfit more prettier. Do you have any other color to style with pink dresses? Do drop your comment and let us know.

Happy Dressing!

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