Guide to Shop Best Matching Jewellery for Your Blue Sarees

Blue, the most pleasing shade, always has a way to sneak into our closet in the form of rich silk sarees, vibrant designer drapes and stylish cotton beauties.

There is always a pretty shade of blue waiting to be worn by women of all skin tones. So it’s very obvious that your saree collections have significant portion embracing the blue hue.

However, the trick is to pull these sarees off with the right jewellery.

Imagine wearing your royal blue silk with a flawless boat neck blouse, only to nail the look with some blunt jewellery!

That’s a serious sin.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

From the mellowed pastel blue to deep navy blue, there are various tones and shades under the broad umbrella of this color, and each of these need right accessory to succeed your saree style.

Should I be wearing a kundan choker for a bright blue chanderi silk saree? Or should I just wear a jhumka, and skip necklace or choker of sort.

May be I should give a stylish spin and stick to brass jewellery this time.

Oh wait, why not an oxidized silver bangles and earrings?

These might be few of the countless questions you need to tackle when you wage a war against your jewellery box in order to unearth the right matching jewellery for blue sarees.

Of course to lend our helping hand, today we have curated on all the possible jewellery styles you can carry with your blue sarees.

Now scroll down and check out how to win this accessory game by picking the best matching jewellery.

For a bright silk saree, wear a diamond or CZ stone attigai with a broad mesh chain. Opt for a dramatic bun and carry an embellished purse to resonate with your jewellery.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Pearls go exceptionally well with deep shades of blue. Try a catchy pearl necklace or choker with your party wear blue saree and see how magical you look.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Silver neck pieces are a great addition to your blue sarees. If you have not been investing on oxidized silver jewellery, do it now to give a sophisticated saree appearance next time.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

For a modern look, try chunky necklace adorned with quirky beads. Even brass jewellery would do fine to wear with elegant sarees like this.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Your silk sarees doesn’t necessarily have to be matched with gold accessories. This clustered pearl silver guttapusalu gives out a fresh vibe to this traditional look.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

If your saree is too grand, make one accessory to be the highlight on your look. Wear statement stone earrings and give a break to heavy necklace and bangles.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

For more subtle shades of blue, go for fashionable kundan accessories. A bold kada bangle or big danglers would add fine elegance to your overall look.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

If diamonds are not a big deal for you, shine on your blue saree with few of these pieces adoring your style.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

We know women’s strong affinity to classic gold pieces. And here is something for you. A bright gold necklace and bangles is always a winning combination to pair with your blue sarees.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Bold antique jewelleries are taking the fashion world by storm. If you have not been investing on this trend, you might need to consider it soon. Because this bold accessories goes unbelievably well with blue sarees.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Fashionable rings and cuffs are another interesting way to give a stylish spin to your traditional sarees.  This is a piece of cake for those who are into minimal jewellery and understated look.

Matching Jewellery For Blue Saree

Blue is one of the most versatile colors. That’s why it owns a special place in the Indian ethnic fashion. You can see this color sweeping the crowd on grand parties and festivals with its godly presence.

Such arresting color needs apt accessories to ground the look. So with the pointers given above, choose the best matching jewellery for your blue saree and rock the show.

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