Here is a Tip to Make Your Boring Kurtha Look Impressive!

If kurthas/kurthis are the day to day wear of yours, then you might often get into a situation where you would have shopped this thing in store with all the glory in eyes, but only to realize later, for some reason the kurtha is not working out.

May be it’s the choice of color which might have looked super chic in the store lighting but now seemed to look totally blunt or too harsh for you to wear.

Or it could be the fitting issue. You might have been too lazy to get into that trial room to try it out before letting your wallet out.

Alternatively it could be the sudden realization that the neck or sleeve design is not what you have been looking for. Obviously you didn’t think it would be a matter when you shopped it.

In short, it is quite causal to find faults on your choice of kurtha and let it sleep on your wardrobe after being guilty for wasting money without thinking twice.

However, you don’t have to let go even the most unsuited kurthi of yours. Because, there is a trick which could instantly revive kurtha of this sort and make it look totally chic.

Can’t believe us?

Then you need to check out Hebah Patel’s latest kurtha style. The actress wore a pretty normal one for a recent event. However, the twist came in the form of chic ethnic jacket that she layered it with.

Kurtha Styling Tips

With a well fitted jacket, the simple kurtha looked spectacular on the actress!

Kurtha Styling Tips

Now, time to dust off all of your sleeping kurthas and give it a try with an adorable jacket like this.

Because these pretty long jackets can conveniently hide all the neck and sleeve flaws. Even if the kurtha color is a trouble point, you can still give it a fresh spin by pairing with a attractive contrasting color jacket. Above all, these jackets can take eyes away from the fitting issue.

Guess it’s time to try this out.

Do you have any other tip style kurthas? Drop your comment and let us know.

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