20 Trendy Neck Designs to Try with Plain Kurtis

The trend of printed fabrics kurtis tends to come and go every two years or so, hence, with the trends of the year, the solid shades of the colour palette have made a return to the wardrobe of the Indian female segment. With the ever-increasing styles and choices in the market, females today have taken on the road to subtlety. However, that doesn’t mean that kurtis have become boring, but it has given room to add more silhouettes and designs that become the focal point of the eye!

Neck Designs for Plain Kurtis

Presenting a collection of neck designs you can try out with your plain kurtis, find the one that you love the most and try these styles out:

Boat Neck

One of the simplest and the most comfortable looking style, the boat neck is the most favoured of them all. Adding a chic touch to your neckline, this style shall make your collarbone and shoulders the focal point of your outfit. A classic design for the neckline, your plain kurti would never go out of style.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Yoke Pleats

An attachment on the plain kurti neckline is to add a similar or a contrasting shade around the neckline. Creating a texture of its own and adding layer to the kurti, this design could be a reflection of your personality. Look for a printed yoke or even one with simple pleats, basically, what speaks to you!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Semi V-Neck

Somewhere in between the round and the V-neck, this neck design has been used for decades. Adding a subtle yet feminine touch to your neckline, this style will make you look dainty and can be paired with some traditional ‘jhumkees’.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Knife Pleats

Adding a minimal silhouette around your neckline, try out a kurti with buttoned up collar and pleats around the placket that would add shine and create a look that you can carry even as a casual outfit!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis


Combining with a loop hope button, this keyhole design can be seen in a number of styles. Flaunting your feminine side, these keyholes can vary in size and shape. So find the one that suits you the most and try out this classic silhouette!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Mock Wrap

Adding a tie up and creating a mock wrap look around the neckline that has been the Mughal style continues to inspire the trends of today. Whether in a patch of printed fabric or contrast piping, this neck design can be seen in various forms and colours that is suitable for your casual wear or even occasional outfits.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Mandarin High Neckline

Inspired from the Chinese kimonos, this neck design has been adopted in our traditional clothing as well. Fashioning a high neckline, this style can even be worn for any occasion and doesn’t require a dupatta over it at all! Perfect to style for your college day wear and even for your family dinners!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis


Blending with the modern fashion trends and a selection for the millennial generation, these cutwork designs have been developing over the years. Pick out an intricate cut-out or a basic one, this design shall add detailing around your neckline that wouldn’t require any other form of accessory.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Placket Piping

A version of a halter neck, this neckline adds a colour block in a contrasting tone that would make you stand out of the crowd. A fashionable and chic design, this pattern is difficult to find..so keep a keen eye on the latest style!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Multiple Loop Holes

An added silhouette to the round neck and a version of the button down, this design creates a traditional look through a colour block or print. Mostly found in combination with wooden buttons, this style would add a raw finish to your outfit that purely says Indian.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Wrap-a-round Neckline

A complete button up which shall remind you of a wrap round, this design can be seen with a double-sided fabric that usually has a contrasting shade on the inside. Whether you’d like to carry a buttoned-up look or a top flap open, this will add on an elegant design that would get everyone talking.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

V-Neck Loop Hole Neckline

A mix of a square neck and faux loop buttons that add layer to the fabric, this design tends to come back into the kurti fashion every few years. In all new shade of colours and vibrating contrasting button mishmash, this is a must have in your wardrobe.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Contrast Placket with Hook-Eye Buttons

With this hidden button design that add a no gape feature to your kurta, these can be found in contrasting colour lining around the edges that became fairly popular in the Hindi film industry. Grouped with a princess line that shall flaunt your curves, this is one of the classics to own.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

V-Back Neck

With a boat neck on the front and a V-neck that adds chicness to your back, add this design to your occasional wear that’ll make you the trendsetter of the evening.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Mandarin with Side Button Look

Another version of the Chinese mandarin collar, this design adds either authentic loop buttons or hidden hook eye buttons that adds a buttoned up look to your ethnic wear.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Tie Ups

Available in various styles, these tie ups have been picked up from the blouse design of cholis that is popular among the different areas of the country. With various embellishments, pick the style you love!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Diagonal V-neck with Keyhole

Another combination of the diagonal neckline and a loophole, minimal embroidery or contrast piping would add femininity with absolute grace.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Contrasting Shirt Collar

A variation of the western wear shirts, this design replicates a shirt buttoned down collar while adding complementary tomes to the kurta. A trend of the latest kind, these can also be paired up with denims for a casual look!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis


An original from the ethnic wear, a simple V-neck can always be an option in your wardrobe. Easily becoming one of your go-to outfits, flaunt it with your favourite stole or dupatta to add more colours!

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

Double Collared Neckline

Another trendsetter to be added to your wardrobe, this design has a double layer around a round or a square neck that adds texture and depth to the kurti, a style to try out, pair these up either printed or plain salwars.

Neck Designs For Plain Kurtis

These are few of our picks for a solid shade that’s your current favourite and necklines that you can either experiment with, or create your own classic styles that would define your personality the best! It’s time to choose the ones you love!

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