15 Latest Sleeve Designs to Try With Kurtis

Have you been thinking of getting a kurti but need a new style to flaunt? It’s not just about the type of kurti you’re looking for, or the colour, or even the print on it! However, silhouette is also an important role. Going beyond the concept of lengths and structure, we are talking about the sleeves that are now available in the market.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Here are a few trendy styles which are accessible for you to pick from!

Roll-up Sleeves

A sleeve style which was previously seen in western clothing only, this design is also being incorporated in the Indian kurtis too! Usually found in shirt-style kurtis, this sleeve length is mostly 3/4th which can be folded into a half in a neat fold or it can be tied in a pleated manner. Either way, it shall create a look that can be both used for formal or casual.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Cap Sleeves

A short sleeve style, this is perfect for a casual wardrobe when combined in a colour block. Find out a style that speaks to you and create a look that would flaunt your personality in every form. Easy to find and one of the classics that shall remain in your closet, this sleeve length keeps the comfort in your clothing.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Full Sleeves

Adding the essence of elegance, the full sleeve design is mostly found in fitting fabrics. It adds on a formal and graceful look that truly defines the traditional kurtis of the old, these can be worn for occasions if in an embellished range or it can be casual attire when in a solid or a trendy printed pattern.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

3/4th Sleeves

A new sleeve preference amongst the millennials, this pattern keeps the focus on your hands and adds on a dainty touch that you can try with your polished fingers. One of the trends in the market, these can be easily found and prove to be perfect for the AC rooms that you sit in or even a casual outing.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Bell Sleeves

A fancy addition to your wardrobe, this style is a little hard to find. The bell sleeve has a fitted look on the top, and opens up into a bell shape around the elbow. Usually found in solid colours, this attire will make you stand out of the crowd while adding grace to your look!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Bishop Sleeves

A new addition to the kurti trend, the bishop sleeve is a challenge to find. These sleeves contain a cuff around your wrist, with a flowy look to the rest of the arm. An innovation in the full sleeves structure, this design has come down from the Northern part of the country where winter would be severe. Now being incorporated in various fabrics, let the hunt begin!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Churidar Sleeves

Another graceful addition to the sleeve section is the Churidar sleeve which, true to its name, is inspired from the churidar salwar that can be found in our ethnic collection. Following the same concept, this design drapes elegantly around your arms, and adds on a fancy touch that would automatically make you feel special.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Raglan Sleeves

An adoption from the T-shirt design, this style can now be seen in kurtis as well. Usually found in contrasting prints or shades than the body, these sleeves add on a pleasant change to the solid base colour. Available in various sleeve lengths, this is a must have style into your trendy collection!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Puff Sleeves

Inspired from the Punjabi culture, this style incorporates a Patiala salwar with its short kurti style that makes it a complete traditional look! Pair it up with your hoop earrings and a braid and you’d be ready to dance with the full Punjabi energy!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Poignet Sleeves

Another addition to your trendy collection is an overlap fold that would add a lovely curve around your wrist. A new trend to be followed, look for this sleeve in a contrasting colour to your kurti and you’re ready to flaunt your style in your group!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Kimono Sleeves

A style inspired from the Japanese kimono, these sleeves are elegant and fall gracefully when combined with the perfect fabric. A little challenging to discover, this style will definitely create the buzz that you’ve been looking to spread!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis


A style which comes back every summer into our ethnic wear collection, these sleeves are not available with various kurti styles that will let you flaunt your look in every occasion!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Cuff Sleeves

Another addition to trendy sleeve styles is of cuff sleeves which introduce the style of a western top into khaki kurtis or even in contrasting colours. A subtle addition of femininity into your clothing, this shall be noticeable to your observant friends!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Slit Sleeves

The slit sleeve design can be widely seen in the market in various garments and has become a part of the kurti style too! Adding a subtle elegance to your occasional ethnic clothing, this sleeve length can join at 3/4th or full cuffed length. You wouldn’t require any hand accessories with this one! Easy to style and even easier to stand out of the crowd!

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

Half Sleeves

A classic trend that is always a part of our wardrobe, this half sleeve length is comfortable to wear and can be found in various kurti combinations in today’s time. Find a collar style that suits you with a half sleeve length and you’re good to go! With additional detailing around the hem of the sleeve, there’s a whole range of designs that can be found with this style.

Sleeve Designs For Kurtis

It’s time to collect a few classics and add on new trendy styles to your wardrobe that wouldn’t just make you stand out of the crowd, but would also let you flaunt your personality. Combine your trendy self with the ethnic collection and elegance is sure to follow!

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