We are So Jealous of Kajal Aggarwal’s Latest Saree Style!

Are you a cotton saree lover?

Then, take some time and do think about the possible ways you style them.  Chances are you might be under the illusion that a well starched saree and a basic blouse is enough to do the magic.

While there is no denial that a simple cotton saree itself is enough to make you look graceful, what about wearing dozen of sarees with same treatment?

Don’t you feel bored? Especially if you are a saree hoarder like us?

So it’s always a nice idea to bookmark all the interesting cotton saree hacks that could come handy during your day to day dressing up sessions.

Seriously, the last thing you want to do to your warm cotton sarees must be killing it with a not-so-exciting style!

So, when we spotted Kajal Agarwal’s latest saree style on the movie ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ telugu movie, we are so jealous of her.

All Kajal did in the movie was to wear some breezy casual wear sarees which has nothing new in the first sight. Yet, her saree style looked amazing and admirable.

What made her look so radiant?

It’s the printed floral blouse that made the wonders. Now take a look on how Kajal looked radiant with simple sarees and chic blouse choices on the movie!

Kajal Agarwal Saree at Nene Raja Nene Manthiri Kajal Agarwal Saree at Nene Raja Nene Manthiri Kajal Agarwal Saree at Nene Raja Nene Manthiri

It’s official time to stop looking dull on your cotton drapes. Do get some printed floral blouses and give it a try like thisl. You will be surprised on your new lively look.

Tell us what you think of pairing a cotton saree with a printed blouse in the comment box below.

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