11 Saree and Blouse Ideas to Rock a Farewell Party

Now, you’ve reached the final stage and it’s time to celebrate the time you’ve spent learning more about the world and even more about yourself. This is where you’ve learnt the new things that life will put you through. It’s an important day. Hence, dressing up for this day is important too!

So, for your important day, we’ve selected a few saree and blouse styles that you can try out!

The Simple One

There are always some of us, who’d sport a simple and elegant saree on this occasion. Pick a comfortable fabric that would be easy to carry (and dance in) and create a classic look that would be subtle yet full of elegance.

You can try picking out a bright colour or even a subtle one, according to the mood you’d like to set for the day.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Full Sleeve Blouse

Who says, full sleeve blouses are a thing of the past? Adding this design to your plain/textured saree will give you the opportunity to enhance the poised look you want to show off on this event.

You can easily find a ready design in the market, or if you have a specific design that you can show to your tailor and get the same stitched in a matter of days.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Contrasting Shades

There are always colour combinations to try and the silhouette you’d rather focus on. You can try a contrasting mix of colours or a combination of print with a plain saree or even blouse – saree border blend that you’d like to carry on this day.

The key is to either focus on the blouse or the saree as creating a contrast while wanting both in the limelight, would create a disastrous blend. So instead, focus on a shade or a print you love and trust your colour sense!

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party


A colourful number is always a difficult choice to make. But if you’re ready to take the challenge, look for complimentary shades of colours in a saree and combine it with a trendy spaghetti strap or halter blouse to accentuate the look you want to show for the day.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Shaded Sarees

With the ever-increasing types of sarees available, a shaded saree is among those that you can base on your colour choice. Pick a colour that favors you and combine a blouse with an aesthetically pleasing combination that you can be remembered on this day.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

The Trendy Blouse

If it’s all about the blouse that depicts you, pick a trend and style it the way you want! You have a whole selection of designs that are available in the market as well as a tailored one that you can choose on this D-day. Pairing it up with a plain saree or with the one that wouldn’t take the focus away from this design would be the ideal choice.

Classic Embroideries

A classic embroidered saree or blouse is something that you can try to stand away from the crowd and yet follow tradition in your own style.

Choose an embroidered blouse and pair it up with a plain saree to let the blouse be the hero of the day. If you’d rather display an embroidered saree, an array of fabrics is available in the design that compliments you.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Shimmer Away

A little bling is sometimes suitable to elect to create that buzz you’re looking for. Choose a saree in a sheer fabric that you’d like to carry.

As the saree are required to hold the attention, choose a blouse that is of a subtle colour or a shade of the saree. Keeping the blouse simple would help in letting the saree be in the limelight.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Subtle prints

Prints being one of the most popular choices for a farewell saree, add a little bit of you in your selection. With new prints coming into the market, choose one that wouldn’t require a lot of effort and yet stand out of the crowd.

But if you have a saree with a generic all over print, don’t worry, add on a blouse with a print that is made up of the same colours.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

Backless Choli Blouse

One of the traditions of farewell, the backless choli is a style that would never die but only evolve. Pick a contrasting colour or design or even a part of simple attire, the backless look remains the star of the outfit you’ve selected.

Pleat the pallu of the saree on the shoulder and pull off this look without a second thought.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

The Gold/White combination

If you rather keep this day traditional and gold is your colour, pick out the perfect combination of white and gold that would complement your style and flaunt that traditional look.

Even though the colour combination has been part of the Indian culture for centuries, there are always new designs and styles that you can choose from.

Saree And Blouse Ideas For Farewell Party

These are some of the styles that you can try out on one of those memorable days, when a lot of pictures would remain a part of you for the longest of time. Pick out the one that suits your style the most and stand out of the crowd with your own unique style.

Let us if you have other saree and blouse ideas that can be an apt choice for farewell parties!

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