20+ Coolest Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs You Need To See

Of the many work that graces the Indian ethnic outfits, mirror work have the ease to captivate everyone’s attention so easily.

The glittery mirror elements infuse the super ethnic vibes to your outfits that is hard to ignore by others. So when you wear a desi dress studded with mirrors, you are bound to make others head turn!

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Now today post is all about how to incorporate such cool mirror work on your saree blouse and make it outstanding.

Sarees To Wear With Mirror Work Blouse

Before begin to explore the mirror work blouse patterns, let’s discuss on which saree would look so well with these blouses!

Plain Sarees

Plain sarees can be made to look total stunner by opting for a heavy mirror work blouse. If you are new to these types of blouses, our advice would be to begin from here.

That is, pick a plain saree of your favorite shade and wear with a full mirror work blouse. If you don’t mind being creative, opt for stylish neck and sleeve styles to make this more fun.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Designer Sarees

Next to plain sarees, designer drapes goes perfectly well with mirror work. You can even wear your embroidered or other expensive designer sarees with mirror work blouse.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Silk Sarees

It might surprise many, but silk saree and mirror work details on blouse work incredibly well together. Don’t try this combination if your saree is already filled with heavy zari work.

However if your saree is simple silk with not so jarring details, then you can team it up with a glittery mirror work blouse.

In short, light weight simple silk sarees and cotton silk sarees can be made to look in a new way by wearing them with this blouse model.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Blouse Patterns

When it comes to mirror works, many have the misconception that this work involves filling your blouse with just loads of mirrors.

Of course, to some extent, this is correct. But if you care to look deeper, there are so many innovative designs can be crafted on your blouse with the addition of these sparkling elements.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Let’s see some popular mirror work blouses that are trending crazy this season.

Mirrors & Beads

Mirrors and beads go hand in hand when it comes to infusing new style to your saree. Yes, instead of going for a plain mirror work, opt for a mix of bold mirrors and tiny beads to compliment it.

Make the presence of beads stand out by having this work on few highlighted section of the blouse rather than filling the entire blouse with it.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirrors & Embroidery

Mirror and embroidery are another irresistible combination to try with your  sarees. Glistening mirrors surrounded by colorful thread work will create a mind-blowing effect on your blouse.

If you plan to wear white, off-white, beige, ivory shaded sarees, then do opt for mirror work blouse with multicolor thread work. They will look so captivating on your blouse.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse DesignsMirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Bold Mirrors

If there is one factor that can make a huge difference to this blouse choice, then it should be the size of mirrors etched in your blouse. Believe us; each size will have an entirely new way to make your saree look.

Though small rounded mirrors are most tried out design over saree blouse, you can stand apart from others and try some bold mirror work instead.Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mix of Many Shapes

Another interesting way to make your mirror work blouse dashing is by opting for blouses that has delightful mix of various mirror shapes. Square, rectangle, circle, diamond are some of the arresting shapes when put together on blouse fabric. So do give this one as well a try.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Blouse Design

So far we had a peek on possible mirror work details and patterns you can flaunt this season. Now it’s time to check out how and where these patterns should be established on your blouse.

Full Work

The most popular way to get mirror work done on your blouse is to have a full blown details like below.

As we already mentioned, it makes a great choice for plain sarees or simple sarees with slight embellishment. The simplicity of the saree is often complimented by the heavy blouse work you have here.Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs


If you too plan to wear this blouse with heavy drapes in deep shade, chances are it will mostly take all your attention off from your blouse. In such cases, a subtle highlights on blouse sleeves with ample mirrors would add a magical touch to your saree.Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

High Necks

If you are that diva who likes to opt for stylish and super chic blouse models for your 9 yards of beauty, then chances are you might have thing for high necks and collar necks.

This trendy blouse neck model can be made to look even more cooler by having them embellished with dense mirrors around the neck.Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs



This is a great option for those who want to pick mirror work blouses for see-through saree fabrics like Net, Tissue, Jute etc.

Having the complete yoke of your blouse etched with fine mirror work and pairing them with a transparent saree with make them look super chic under the layer of your saree.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Back Neck

Another way to get this mirror work done on your blouse is by having a fabulous cut or open on the back neck, and have them embellished with mirrors. To take inspiration, check out the below blouse model.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Where to Shop

If you like to shop mirror work blouse online, then we have couple of recommendations here.

Check the exotic mirror work collections available at House of Blouse here. They have quite a exotic range and you will be blown away by their designs.

Good news is they offer customized blouse designs online, so if you have some specific model in mind, do get it touch with this online shop and get your dream mirror blouse stitched in no time.

Another online shop which offers an attractive mirror blouse is ‘Prasang’. Check out their collections here.

Shopping the best mirror work blouse model doesn’t end the style game. You need to take proper care in maintaining them.

These delicate particles often tend to stay good only if the blouse is taken care of. Otherwise peeling of mirror layers might cause your blouse to lose its sparkle.

Okay ladies, it’s time for you to decide on what kind of mirror work you want in your saree blouse. Do pick the best and wear with for night time parties and events for a rewarding saree style.

Also, let us know what is your favorite blouse design by commenting here?

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