15 Modern Saree Blouse Designs & Ideas to Watch out Now

Staying up to date in saree/blouse trend is quite a deal. We mean it is by no mean an easy task. With fashion evolving every passing week, we can easily get lost on all the possible trends that are surfacing at the moment.

Yet it is absolutely crucial to keep a watch so you can renew your closet essentials time to time.  What is the fun in shopping the saree/blouses, after every person in your fashion circle has already sported that with their own spin?

It would really be mind-boggling if you become that person who can introduce new trends to your circle.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

What you need to do to stay on track?

You can religiously watch the social media pages of fashion designs, fellow fashion bloggers and of course celebrities. To take a dig on all of these would obviously be time consuming. That’s why we are here.

To make the insurmountable process easier, we rolled up our sleeves, and took the plunge to find out all the modern blouse style and designs that are so popular this year and would likely to stay in trend in the coming year too.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

We have rounded off 15 modern blouse designs that could literally save tons of your time when you carve for a up-to-date style. You can directly go ahead, and pick the blouse of your choice, and be the most voguish person you like to me.

Now, let’s start.

Boat Neck Blouses

Boat neck blouses still stay the top pick among the fashionistas. It is incredibly chic and flattering on any saree.

From the elaborate silk to sleek plain sarees, with just a boat neck blouse and a deep back cut, you can sure look a stunner in any event/party.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Relaxed Blouses

The conventional figure hugging blouses are being replaced by more breathable and relaxed blouse silhouettes. This will be your best choice for simple chiffon and georgette sarees.

Wear these blouses with catchy prints and mild embellishment, depending on the saree you like to pair it with.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs


Blouse Back Neck Embellishment

This year we spotted many fine embellishments around the blouse back neck which add a playful touch to your sarees.

Creative thread tie-ups at the blouse back could make your blouse style totally captivating. Even you can opt for cloth buttons to add an element of beauty at the blouse back neck.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Jacket Saree Blouse

This blouse style is increasingly spotted this year, which means this will be in full lime light in the coming months. Chic color contrasting, or pattern contrasting jackets add a kind of fusion look to your saree style.

This modern blouse style is absolutely must for those who like to experiment indo-western look on sarees.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Long Sleeve and High Neck Blouse

Long sleeve blouse is definitely not new. However, when worn with high neck, these blouses tend to add a fine look to your sarees. This would ideally be a very apt one to try with plain designer or net sarees.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse with Zipper/Buttons

Blouse can be embellished in various ways to keep the saree style striking. While everyone like to experiment blouse and sleeve styles, often the front of blouse is left with no creative spin. To add a surprising touch, this year you can opt for front zippers or stylish buttons as below.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse & Draping

If you like an unconventional saree style, you can even opt for blouse that can help you in getting the draping done on different ways as below. Rather the usual over-the-blouse style, you can try this cool below the blouse draping.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Deep Back Neck

Deep back neck blouses are staying in trend for quite a long time. And it is likely to occupy its position strong in the coming years too.

Too make your blouse style outstanding, go for cute embellishments around the wide back neck.  It would look spectacular even if you wear this blouse with plain sarees.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Fringe Blouses

Those who are bored of beads, mirrors and other colorful adornments can find solace in fringe details. This is so trendy and would keep your blouse upgraded for the coming season.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Long Sleeves & Detailing

We already saw that full sleeve blouses are going to reign this season too. That being said, to make this blouse style even more arresting, opts for catchy prints, embroidery or cut outs over the long sleeve area.

This detailing would increase the style quotient of the blouse.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Cold Shoulder Blouses

This is another cool blouse style which has been gaining lots of attention off late. You can experiment this blouse style in variety of ways staring from the sleeve length to the kind of detailing you can opt over the sleeves and shoulder.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Puff Sleeve Blouses

While a full puff short sleeve blouse would go incredibly well with an traditional silk sarees. To modernize it, you can opt for minimal puff on an elbow sleeve blouse. This blouse can be worn with all of your trendy sarees.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Bell Sleeve Blouse

This is for those who love to wear sarees as formal wear. Now all the office and college goers can find a trendy style, that is also comfortable, than any other existing blouse design of yours. Get your hands soon on this bell sleeve blouse.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Shoulder Detailing

Like how you can be creative by adding zippers and buttons over the blouse front neck, you can put your shoulder area for the better use. Opt for attractive prints or cut outs near the blouse shoulder too.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

Quirky Prints on Roomy Blouse

While roomy blouses are favored among those who seeks comfort on saree style, to make this design more outstanding you can go for quirky prints and tassel embellishments to nail this number.

Modern Saree Blouse Designs

These are some of the modern blouse ideas and designs that are trending hot this season. If you like to stay updated on the saree blouse style, then go ahead, and start trying these blouse models before anyone from your fashion crowd flaunts this.

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