15 Designer Saree Ideas For Modern Brides

It’s the season of weddings and everyone wants to look different than everyone else on their “special day”. Every bride tries to add on their own style into their attire, whether it is with subtlety or a heavy look, the preparation for the D-day attire is tremendous. It’s not only about the style, but also the trend of the year! No wonder, brides are under a lot of stress!

Designer Sarees For Brides

To provide a helping hand to these wondrous brides, here’s a list of designs that you can choose from, according to your preference. However, feel free to choose some of the other styles into different ceremonies.

Net Sarees

Usually in a combination of net with embroidery, this design has a way to look elegant, graceful with a hint of delicacy. A must have addition to your bridal collection, flaunt this design paired with intricate jewellery that wouldn’t just add to your attire, but also to your radiance!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Kanjeevaram Sarees

A traditional wear of the south, the kanjeevaram saree adds one of the most elegant yet traditional look to your wedding. If you’d like to stick to some traditional designs and motifs, this attire would prove to be the perfect fit for you. Add on some gold traditional jewellery with this or keep it minimal, the saree shall keep you at the center of attention!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Lace Sarees

A modern day version of the white gowns, there are brides who are changing the norms. Instead of choosing a gown for your wedding, pick up a lace saree that shall drape as delicately as it looks on the front. Add on minimal jewellery, contrasting shoes (preferably blue) and you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Chanderi Silk Sarees

A combination of brocade, silk and embroidery, this saree has been in our country for centuries. Adding a touch of your ancestry into your attire, this form of saree can be passed down in the family when the time comes! A must have into your collection of ever-glowing sarees, this shall remain amongst your favourites!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Another traditional saree of our country is the Banarasi saree. Never to get old and always a cherished gift inherited. Look into your grandma’s wardrobe and you shall come across some of these spectacular designs that you’d love to carry even today! Add this style into your collection that shall never let you down in any occasion!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Bead work Sarees

Creating an intricate texture that shall look as royal as your wedding day, the bead work sarees can be found in the handmade section. Choose this design for your wedding day in a sober or a bright shade, it shall make you look every bit of royalty that you wanted to feel on your special day!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Zardozi Sarees

A technique from the ancient India that can be found in the history of the Golden Bird era, the zardozi technique is an intricate work of art that can weigh a few kilograms depending on the zari work it comprises of. Handle with care, this design wouldn’t require heavy jewellery and will make you shine in the chicest of ways.

Designer Sarees For Brides

Sambalpuri Sarees

Combining the techniques of tie dyeing and ikat work, the Sambalpuri design is a glimpse into the past motifs while combining with the future techniques. Blending the touch of silk and the motifs, would make your outfit stand out of the other traditional outfits.

Designer Sarees For Brides

Gota Sarees

A subtle inclusion into your bridal outfits is the gota saree. An amalgamation of different techniques, the gota runs around the border of the saree across the complete length or towards the end of it, depending on the intricacy it has been designed with. If you’re looking to wear something on the subtle yet unique, this is the saree you should go for.

Designer Sarees For Brides

Embroidered Sarees

An elaborate and sophisticated design is of the embroidered sarees. Not too heavy to carry but makes you walk with panache and adding colours to your happy moment, pick out a saree that defines you in the most floral way and flaunt your unique personality with style!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Stone work Sarees

A blend of zari work and stones, this design has been created for the royals throughout the history. Adding this style into your bridal collection, add minimal jewellery and embellished pair of heels to create your outfit for the evening!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Sequined Sarees

If sparkly is your style, this is the saree for you to choose. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do so with flair! Pick out a sequined design in combination with net or lacework that would add to the glory of your day and make your friends go ‘wow’ in the same moment!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Dual Tone Sarees

Who says bridal wear needs to be in a single shade? Add the layers of your personality to your bridal wear and pick out a dual shade saree with confidence. The trick to choose this saree is to look for complementary shades and an embellishment that ties it together. To make matters easier, pick out your favourite shades and create an attire that solely speaks about you.

Designer Sarees For Brides

Floral Sarees

Adding to the essence of simplicity is the floral print saree that many may think is not completely justified for your wedding day. However, combining some of our traditional techniques of handicrafts can always create something out of the ordinary. Pick out a floral shade this wedding season and combine it with some gota or bead work that shall make everyone remember your good taste!

Designer Sarees For Brides

Mirror Work Sarees

The technique of mirror work can be seen in various parts of our country and now combined in different permutations, has resulted in some brilliant couture work that you can look out for. Create a fashion statement by choosing this handcrafted design that shall definitely crown you the bridal outfit of the month!

Designer Sarees For Brides


Begin this year’s wedding season by not only choosing to abide by our traditions, but also adding a little flair of your own! Find the saree that you’ve been dreaming about and create a combination that shows the real you – an intricate mixture of traditions and modernism.

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