13 Chic Long Blouse Designs for Lehenga

The craze of lehenga choli is quite evident these days, as the attire is very much in fashion. Most women are preferring lehenga over sarees and salwar kameez as lehenga not only makes you look elegant but trendy as well. Although, the lehenga designs may seem very common, but with your blouse design you can make your lehenga look unique from others. There is a misconception that the blouse design doesn’t matter but in a lehenga the blouse can be seen very evidently and so the design of your blouse can make your lehenga look unique and beautiful.

If you are planning to make yourself a lehenga choli, then you should make sure you make a designer blouse to match the lehenga. There are various blouse design ideas to match your preference, body and style. Starting from round neck to net neck, deep neck, there are arrays of blouse designs available which will not only suit your lehenga colour and design but also make you look more gorgeous.

So here are 13 chic long blouse design ideas for your lehengas, giving you vast options to choose from.

  • Round Neck Long Blouse For Lehenga

This is the simplest blouse design and is also a bit common. If you are in a bit of hurry, you can ask the tailor to simply make you a round neck blouse. You can even add some twists to the round neck design to make it look unique and extraordinary, such as you can ask the tailor to make the back of the blouse bit deep, or add beautiful latkans to the back strings. You can choose the colour of the blouse piece according to the colour of the lehenga, you can use a single colour or double colour piece of clothing. The sleeves of the blouse can be long, medium or short as per your want.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Sheer or Embellished Long Blouse

Sequinned or embellished dresses are in fashion. You can add a twist to your lehenga by wearing an embellished or sequinned blouse with it.  The best colours for sheer or embellished blouses are red, silver, golden, blue and magenta to name a few.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Simple Full Sleeve Blouse Piece

If you want to keep it simple then you can opt for full sleeve blouses but you can add various twists to it in order to make it look gorgeous. You can make the long sleeves of net or plain cloth, the sleeve and body of the blouse can be of to different colours or the neck of the blouse can have regular collars, mandarin collars or simple cape neck. The long sleeves of the blouse can also be made up of patch work material too.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Off Shoulder Blouse Design

Off shoulder attires are making waves in Indian fashion. You can add a modern twist to your lehenga by making an off shoulder blouse. You can keep the body of the blouse long to compensate for the off shoulder neck line. You can keep the off shoulder neck line simple or decorate it with sequins or booti work.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Tube Style Long Blouse

This design is for ladies who like to keep it bold and sexy. You can make a tube blouse for your lehenga if you want a glammed-up look. This blouse design is best if your lehenga colour is a dark shade. The tube blouse should be made up of heavy materials to give a structured feeling. It can be  donned with deep embroidery work or studded with colourful stones, beads, pearls to make it look exquisite.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Long Jackets as Blouse

Long jackets are really for those who need a comfy and relaxed style with lehenga. This style is best if you have a bit bulky waist line as it helps to hide it conveniently. You can choose sleek embroidered cloth materials for the blouse piece and mild embellishments to make this trendy.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Crisp Shirts As Blouse

If you like to don a fusion look with your lehenga, then pairing your heavy skirt with crisp shirt in your choice of color is going to give a ravish look. This combination work well when you opt for silk fabric. A simple brocade lehenga with pristine white shirt is magical any day.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Thread Work Long Blouse

Although these blouse designs are bit delicate but are also an elegant style. You can make the blouse of silver, golden or brass thread work. This blouse design goes perfectly with bright or light hued lehenga skirt.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Embroidered Long Blouse

Embroidered blouses are amongst the best designs for lehengas. Embroidered blouses can be made from vast designs such as abstract patterns or floral patterns. These types of blouse should have long sleeves as the sleeves can showcase delicate embroidered work.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Chikankari Work Blouses

Chikan blouses reflect delicate fabric work. Chikan blosues can be best done in muslin, chiffon, silk or net fabrics. Chikan and sheer work together in a blouse piece makes it look both sexy and elegant. These blouse pieces should be done in light hues.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • High Neck Blouse Design

Chic boat necks, collar necks are great choices to try with lehenga this season. You can keep the length of the blouse long and the sleeves either long or of medium length. The high neck of the blouse can be decorated with brocade work, beads or jewellery.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Halter Neck Blouse Design

This design is best for women who have a broad or plump neck line. Halter neck blouses look best with short or no sleeves and the length of the blouse can be long or as per your requirement. These blouses should be made of light hues or dazzling materials.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

  • Peplum Style Long Blouses

Peplum dresses and tops are very common, so why not make a peplum blouse. Peplum blouses are long blouses with long sleeves. If you have a bulky body then this design is the best for you as the skirt style blouse will help cover your waist line. Peplum style blouses can be made up of thread works, embroidered materials, or sequin materials.

Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga

So this wedding season add an elegant and sexy touch to your lehenga by making yourself a beautiful and well-designed blouse piece.


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