11 Simple Designer Saree Ideas for Dressed Down Look!

The saree has been the most preferred ethnic attire for women for ages. The saree can be wrapped around in countless different ways. The saree has retained its popularity through all times in spite of avant-garde innovations in women’s attire. Sarees make the wearer look even more attractive.

Designers have brought different saree collection in different fabric and colors for the different occasion. Here are 11 simple designer saree ideas when you want a dressed down look:

Plain Saree With Zari Border

simple designer saree

Sarees are the favorites of women of all ages as there is a range of beautiful fabrics designed for every taste and preference. Made in contrasting colors, a plain saree with zari border add vibrancy and grace. Plain sarees with beautiful borders with zari work are in great demand.

Embellished Floral Saree

simple designer saree

Floral trend has proved to be remarkably successful in Indian fashion thanks to charming embellished floral designer sarees. These sarees are also a favorite amongst many women. The elegant look that floral saree offers is indeed unmatched.

Floral sarees are really known for being pretty colorful. Sarees featuring beautiful floral prints are mesmerizing and just the thing to pick for the summer season!

Half And Half Saree

simple designer saree

Inspired by Designer Sarees, a whole new range of Designer half and half sarees has also ultimately emerged. These designer half sarees typically reveal the use of different colored fabrics. They are usually made of silk, georgettes or chiffons along with a touch of embellishments such as sequins, zardozi, beads, zari embroidery, etc.

Satin Saree With Embellishments

simple designer saree

A satin saree fits wonderfully into any silky satin lovers clothing collection. The feel of this lavish material against the skin is what makes it the number one choice when it comes to wearing something smooth silky and shiny.

A satin saree with embellishments looks great on most ladies, so you could wear one for work or just as casual wear. The reason that lovers of all things soft and silky adore these luxurious types of clothing is just as much to do with a look as the way they feel.

Designer Silk Sarees

simple designer saree

Women love their silk sarees. An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a unique collection of designer silk sarees. These sarees are generally worn in weddings and other special events.

These sarees are famous for their texture, durability and unmatched exquisiteness. You can buy these designer silk sarees from several online and offline clothing stores that offer a wide range of exotic designer silk sarees.

Crushed Fabric

simple designer saree

There is another variety of sarees known as crushed fabric sarees which is extremely popular because of its look. A crushed fabric saree is essentially a saree which is deliberately crinkled to give it a crushed look. Crushed fabric sarees are usually made of thinner varieties of cotton since it is easier to achieve the crushed effect with lightweight fabrics rather than thick and heavy fabrics.

Apart from cotton, crushed fabric sarees are also made of other lightweight fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, light silk, etc. Crushed sarees, due to their appearance, make great casual wear or semi-casual wear outfits and imparts a sort of bohemian look.

Saree With Bold Motifs

simple designer saree

Be the centre of attention in this Saree style with bold motifs. The royal blue is well complemented by the beautiful motifs. It is bold and it stands out. Draped in this excellent saree, a woman will look fresh and beautiful thanks to the lively color.

Walking into any room in this fabulous designer creation is sure to brighten it up and catch everyone’s eye. The bold motif saree is sure to take their breath away. Carry it off with a bold attitude to do justice to this work of art.

Creative Prints

simple designer saree

The printed sarees collection is certainly an important outfit that comes under the category of Indian ethnic wears. Printed sarees, especially creative prints are highly preferred among the ladies due to the fact that these offer breathtaking look to the wearer in a traditional way.

They are best to wear in casual as well as on special occasions. They are considered as one of the most beautiful sarees loved by women.

Pastel Sarees With Silver Embellishments

simple designer saree

Pastel color sarees are totally in trend! One of the great things regarding wearing a pastel saree, particularly during summer, is that it will provide you with a classy look. Pastel sarees, let it be for occasions like weddings, cocktail events, or a get together party, are a much-preferred choice, especially during the spring and summer season.

A pastel-colored saree with silver embellishments is not only sober and soft but also attractive when you wear. Pastel colored sarees are also a favorite choice among women who want to look simple but elegant on weddings as well as other prominent events.

Net sarees

simple designer saree

The net fabric brings sensual appeal. Designer sarees made of net has become a style staple of many women these days. The outline of this fabric helps induce the innate charisma of net fabrics.

Net Sarees draped beautifully with the flowy pallu let loose over the shoulder can make any lady look her attractive best, so do not pin it up. Among different range of sheer designer sarees, net designer sarees are quite trendy nowadays.

Printed Saree With Designer Blouse

simple designer saree

Printed Sarees, because of its elegance and simplicity, make the best casual wear for women. They are exceptionally easy to carry, easy to wear and equally simple to clean and maintain. If you have an eventful or hectic day ahead and you need a practical and simple saree to wear, it is best to bank on a printed saree. Pair it with a designer blouse to jazz it up a little.

A saree can best define your personality and reveal style only if the selection is done correctly. Next time when you shop for simple designer sarees, make sure to take the cue from the above saree models and pick the one that is in trends and suits your personal style.

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