10 Simple Hairstyles to Try With Kurtha/Kurti

Do you know the major styling blunder that most of the fashion loving women tend to make every day?

It is not even the wrong choice of outfit or accessories; it is the sheer unwillingness to try anything new with their hair.

Yes, even the most fashion forward girls stick to basic hairstyles and often tend to repeat the same every day without a clue.

Many restrict their creativity with just picking up a cool dress and attenuating it with fine jewellery. Rest they go easy. Unfortunately, they are missing a major fun in the style game.

Yes, hairstyle is something which when done right can instantly lift your whole look. Alternatively, if you stick to a basic hairdo unanimously for all your outfits, even on festive days, you are knowingly stopping yourself from looking best.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

That being said, let’s see how you can stop this from happening next time. Obviously it should begin from you learning few quick hairdos that don’t bust your time when you are busy getting ready.

While Indian ethnic fashion is quite large, most tend to pick a simple kurtha/kurti for a day to day wear. So let’s check out some cool hairstyles that you can try with kurti for the coming days.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

All these hairstyles are unbelievably simple with slight variation in the way you part your hair, the style of pinning it etc. Even these tiny improvements can throw in an entire new style and make your look lot younger than your usual boring hairdos.

Now let’s get started.

Straight Ponytail

If time is not an issue, how about blow drying and straightening your hair, and opting for a high ponytail. It gives such a formal look that you can’t resist if you are a working women or college going girl.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Ponytail with Curls

For those, who are not blessed with fine straight hair, don’t fret, you can also wear a low ponytail with lots of curls to amplify your look.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Side Braids

Like to look a bit traditional on your kurtha, then the age old braids are the one should you be looking at. For a more chic look, try side braids.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Messy Half Up Half Down

Here is a hairstyle that can instantly pull down your age. All you need to do is to go for a messy half up and half down hairstyle.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Sleek Hair Bun

Have a party to attend? Bored of all your go-to hairstyles? Then do invest your time and come up with a sleek hair bun. Because, it can look majestic on a long kurtha.

Hairstyle To Try With KurthasHairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Side Parted Hairstyles

Often the way your part your hair on the front can add such freshness to your look. Yes, next time whatever hairstyle you try, opt for side part instead of center and see the magic.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Front Puff Hairstyles

This is an year of front puff hairstyles. The most easiest being, front puff with pony tail and front puff with hair down. For a youthful look, give these a try.

Hairstyle To Try With KurthasHairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Free Hair

Okay, this is definitely not new. Yet,many refuse to give this a try. For once, let your hair go free. Side swept or center part free hair is a classic way to wear your hair down and look ethereal.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Messy Hair Buns

If you are getting ready for a special event, then you need something equally special to garner all the attention on hair. Go for messy dramatic buns that catches everyone attention.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Sleek Hair

Sleek front part hair is a blessing that can be worn with any outfits from any era. Kurtha is no exception here.

Hairstyle To Try With Kurthas

Okay, these are some of the quick hairstyles that can be refreshing to try in the place of your well abused usual go to hairstyles. Please for once try them and see the changes it cast on you. Next time, you will never let down your hair. We promise!

Do you have any other hairstyle that will go well with kurtha/kurti? Drop your comment and let us know!

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