10 Saree Designing Ideas to Make It Look Expensive

Most Indian women will choose saree as their go to comfortable attire. When it comes to any function, be it festive occasion, mehendi, wedding ceremony, sangeet, birthday party, or simple get-together, most Indian women would either prefer wearing a traditional or a chic saree.

Sarees bring out the beauty and culture of an Indian woman. A simple saree can make a woman look elegant without putting much effort. However, some occasion demands rich look. While investing on a expensive saree is a known solution, alternate idea is to convert your existing sarees to designer drapes.

Here are 10 simple saree designing ideas to make it look expensive without busting your wallet on exclusive saree boutiques.

Bead Work:

Everything tends to look more beautiful when one adds beads to it as beads are similar to pearls and everyone yearns for pearls. If one adds a layer of beads on the saree and on the blouse, it will bring elegance and automatically turns the saree into a designer one.

For example: White beads will perfectly  go with a royal blue saree, as the dark colour of the saree and bright beads complement each other well. The combination of contrast works well and makes the saree designer and expensive looking without much effort.

Saree Designing Ideas

Catchy Borders:

Painting ones nails gives an edge to the hands and so does a catchy border to the saree. A border on a plain saree gives a royal look and makes one look effortlessly beautiful.

The market is filled with numerous types of border such as swarovski, digital print ones, thread work, resham borders and it is never ending.

The resham borders will work well with silk and brocade sarees whereas thread work will amplify any saree.

Saree Designing Ideas

Customised Art Work:

Everyone admires art and art forms in different ways. A simple plain white saree with customised art work of a God or abstract will make saree look expensive without thinking much. Art has its own charm and so does a saree and by adding both of them together makes it alluring.

By adding customised art work to the saree one can make a saree look unique and make it look expensive.

Saree Designing Ideas

Hand Painting:

In a modern world, even today there is a special place for hand crafted things. It takes time and effort to get work done through hands. Therefore, hand painting on a saree will make yours special and soothing to eyes.

For example: On a pale yellow saree, a beautiful abstract painting with dark colours will complement each other, which will make it look expensive.

Saree Designing Ideas

Patch Work:

A saree is incomplete without patch work to enhance its beauty at the best. Today patch work is at its peak and can be seen everywhere from jeans to tops, jackets to sarees. Sewing two contrasting fabric together is a way of adding glamour to it. Adding exuberant patch work to plain saree will give such a stylish vibe to your look.

For example: A bright red saree with golden patches all over it in symmetry will perfectly make the saree a designer piece.

Saree Designing Ideas

Pom Pom:

Pom Pom has hit the market and is constantly in fashion from past couple of years. One can easily get a pom pom lace or loose pom poms from the market and add them to the saree. The pom poms will enlighten any saree and give saree a rich and expensive look.

Bright colourful pom poms on any plain saree will bring grace. Pom poms are trendy so to make the saree stylish and expensive try using pom pom.

Saree Designing Ideas

Saree Embroidery:

Embroidery is evergreen and suits on everyone without a doubt. And a saree or any traditional attire looks incomplete without embroidery on it. Embroidery brings elegance in the saree or any other piece of cloth.

For example: A black saree with multi-colour embroidery in different patterns and patches all over it makes it look designer and royal as well. One can also opt for a plain saree and heavy embroidered blouse to make it look expensive yet elegant.

Saree Designing Ideas

Stitching Two Different Sarees Together:

There is only one attire, which does not require a size to fit in. One can wear a saree even after two, three, five or ten years without stressing about fitting into it. And a woman can have a collection of one wardrobe or two of sarees which will stay fresh and beautiful.

To give those unused saree for years a new look, one can stitch two sarees together and make a new one out of it. One can get an exciting, expensive saree made out of two mundane sarees. One can even add velvet to make the saree trendy. Therefore, stitching two sarees together can make a saree look expensive and designer.

Saree Designing Ideas

Stone Work:

Stone work lightens up the dull clothes and makes it look rich and beautiful. Bright golden or yellow colour stones on dark colour saree will look beautiful and attractive. One will not have to spend a lot to make a saree look expensive and designer without much thinking and efforts.

Swarvoski stone work can make a simple georgette saree so attractive and elegant that it catches everyone’s eyes. For example: An orange georgette plain saree with Swarovski stones on it with different patterns or style will make it look everyone’s favourite saree.

Saree Designing Ideas

Tassel Work:

Tassels like pom pom are ruling the fashion industry currently and are on the top of it.  From accessories such as earrings to tops everyone is flaunting tassels. Saree with tassels on it or on the sleeves of the blouse and at the end will make it look beautiful and elegant.

Tassels look best with silk sarees and a lace of tassel on the end of the silk saree will add extra expensive look to it.

Saree Designing Ideas

Buying an expensive saree is not possible every time. So you can buy simple sarees and give them the above mentioned looks. You can also buy such readymade designer sarees if cost is not an issue. Also many online websites sells replicas for expensive designer sarees that would be a blessing for those who likes to stay on budget. Happy shopping!

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