10 Must Try Simple Saree Blouse (Front and Back) Designs

Blouses are great way to enhance your saree style. We have seen countless number of times, how a right blouse match could compliment your saree.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just your silk and party wear sarees that needs designer blouse, but even the simple plain and cotton sarees.

Yes! The small care you take on your blouse design is going to make your office saree style and casual saree look at home, a lot more beautiful. That brings us the next question, from where to begin the experiment.

Of course, the most safe and sure way to make changes should be your blouse front and back neck designs.  Embellishments and other fine details should be next on your agenda.

Begin with neck designs because it has plenty of potential to make your saree style appear so polished and sophisticated!

Can’t believe us? Then time to scroll down and take a look on some catchy front and back neck designs that can be tried on any saree any time. Good news, they won’t make you look odd at all! These are beginner approved styles, so you can try them without any apprehension.

Short Sleeve Blouse with Threaded Back Open

If this is the first time you are planning to try something different from your default blouse style, then this will get you interested. Begin your experimentation on the blouse back neck with a flattering cut out like the one below. Highlight it with tie-ups.

Blouse with Patch Work and Borders

If your blouse looks dull with boring shades, do perk them up a little by opting for contrasting patch works.

Patch work is nothing but sewing two different fabrics together to attain a unique pattern.

If your saree has two or more colors on it, then highlighting those hues in the form of subtle patch work around the blouse neck and sleeves can give a fresh look to your saree.

Long Sleeve Blouse with Buttoned Back Open

This season long sleeves are making a comeback. When you flaunt this season’s trendy sleeve with glamorous back neck design, your saree look will up from normal to outstanding.

When we ask you to glam up your blouse style at the back , opt for interesting back open with contrasting hue piping work. This can be further elevated with chic cloth buttons.

Simple Sleeveless Blouse with Deep Back Open

The classic sleeveless button will never cease us to be the most easy going blouse model. Any day you want to look stylish, wear these without any dilemma. However, even with simple sleeveless blouse, you can opt for deep neck patterns and fine adornments to make it notable.

Broad Front and Back Neck With Chic Thread Knot

There is something so sensual about having a wide front and back necks that can define your collar bones and toned back neck. If you highlight these strong points with quirky prints, neat threaded tip backs and chic blouse buttons, your blouse is going up for an arresting look.

Boat Neck Blouse with Peek-a-boo Back Open

Boat necks are most favored blouse neck this year. This trendy neck has already been incorporated on kurtis, lehengas and salwars.

Give this fashionable option a try with your blouse as well. Pair them with flared short sleeve and peek-a-boo back open to make your blouse style stay on trend.

Collar Neck Blouse with Buttoned Front Neck

These blouse model gives an instant professional look when worn right. So this is highly recommended to be part of your office wear.

Even simple plain blouse material can be made to catch everyone’s attention with a fine collar neck. To make the blouse even more attractive, opt for front buttons.

Knotted Sleeve and Round Neck

Even if you are afraid to test something as dramatic as the broad back and front necks, this blouse model should aid you to try something comfortable and stylish.

Just go for plain round neck (front & back) highlighted with new sleeve style like below. You can even try contrasting colors for the thread work to make it look loud and beautiful.

Plain Collar Neck Blouse with Long Sleeve

One fuss free blouse neck that is bound to look good on any women would be a simple narrowed collar neck preferably with a long sleeve. If you want, you can try this style with big bold motifs/prints on the back to make a statement.

Classic Short Sleeve with U Front & Back Neck

And finally here is the classic short sleeve blouse with the most popular U neck. This is the most tried and tested out model.

You might even have this one already. However, if you are just beginning to wear and want a basic blouse design, then you can try this for sure.

We understand what runs across your mind! Yes, these are simple and effective saree blouse designs with the most wearable front and back necks! Do try them for sure and let us know your favorite design in the comments below.

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