10 Cool & Safest Hair Color Brands in India

At one point or the other, we’ve all tried to experiment with different hair colours whichever has been in trend that year. Some of us have been blessed with good experiences and great outcomes, while some of us are not so lucky.

Choosing the right hair colour brand is a difficult decision that we all need to start paying attention to and use the one that suits our hair type and most importantly, doesn’t destroy the very nature of our hair.

Safest hair color brands in India

For this purpose, we’ve shortlisted some of the safest and the best hair colour brands that can be found in India and that would not damage your locks/curls or tresses:

L’Oreal Paris

Being one of the oldest ammonia-free hair colours found in India, this brand has launched several products in its ammonia free range and continues to add more colour options for the women population.

Safest hair color brands in India

L’Oreal has stood the passage of time and continues to be one of the most sorts after colour brand that does so without damaging the hair as well as stays on for a longer time as opposed to some of the others.

Clairol Natural Instincts

A new addition to the ammonia-free range of brown hair colours, Clairol Natural Instincts proves itself by covering all grays and giving a shine and smoothness that has been its major selling point.  If you prefer browns over bolder colours, this should be your go-to product for all shades of brown.

Safest hair color brands in India

Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent

Though Wella’s hair color solution is not ammonia free, they provide a interesting range of shades for you to pick from.

High quality ingredients that leaves a shine on your hair, with the addition of gray hair coverage, makes it a popular choice among people who would like to experiment with their hair.

This hair treatment provides colours ranging from natural to blonde to ash, so have your pick and try it out!

Safest hair color brands in India


This product is made from natural plant based ingredients and proves to be free of all types of chemicals that can damage your hair.

Providing shades in 29 tones, this hair color strengthens your hair and has a long lasting colour that justifies the high cost of this product.

The brand also claims to be free of animal cruelty, which is an added benefit for the socially conscious customer.

Safest hair color brands in India

L’Oreal  Inoa Care

L’Oreal’s launch of its innovative No Ammonia category, paved its way to be a part of the professional hair salon treatment.

Though it is more expensive but the colours used are longer lasting than the regular ones. With a consulting session and analyzing your hair type, the salons turn the process into an experience.

Safest hair color brands in India

BBlunt Salon Secret

One of the cheaper options, BBlunt offers a 3-part hair colour that contains silk proteins and no ammonia to help you not lose your hair shine after application.

With a selective range of 7 shades that range from different shades of browns to a natural black, the brand offers complete gray hair coverage that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Safest hair color brands in India

Schwarzkopf Essensity

Another addition to the no-ammonia range of hair colours, Schwarzkopf provides an oil based colour range that would not let your hair dry after use.

Providing a range of 58 shades in all colour forms, this brand lets your hair lift to 4 levels of colour that is long lasting and vibrant. Offering at a moderate price range this can be one of those worthy experiments that you can try on this year.

Safest hair color brands in India

Garnier Olia

One of the oil based hair colour solution; this hair colour product remains ammonia-free and leaves lasting hair colour without making them dry.

This product contains natural flower oils that are more suitable for people with dry hair as it helps in retaining the lost moisture while adding a natural hair tone.

Safest hair color brands in India


Though being a different shade of colour than initially being anticipated, this hair colour would appeal to be more than what you have in mind and come off with shiny result that you didn’t have planned before trying this out.

Covering 100% gray and in a shade of numerous colours, this hair colour could be productive experiment you’ve been waiting for.

Safest hair color brands in India

Revlon Colour Silk

Containing silk proteins that condition the hair from root to tip, this colour provides a long lasting colour effect that prevents dryness and adds shine to your hair.

This product also helps to protect your hair from sun damage and fading and is gentle to your hair that doesn’t take away the natural glow of the hair.

Safest hair color brands in India

These are some of our picks of hair colors brands that you need to consider if you want to have fun with your hair style. Every product has a different reaction to the scalp it’s being applied to and can evolve according to the hair conditions that it goes through.

Again results would also vary from person to person depending on their hair. So, try a brand out, according to your requirements and the hair colour that you’d rather prefer.

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